When you get used to having access to an awesome (and often used) key on your keyboard, you are not going to be happy when a different keyboard is missing that particular key. So what do you do? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post helps a frustrated reader get satisfaction once again with a quick and easy keyboard shortcut.

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The Question

SuperUser reader ppittle wants to know if there is a keyboard shortcut that can be used in place of the Context Menu Key:

The Context Menu Key on Windows PCs is awesome! But on some keyboards, mainly laptops, they have stopped including a dedicated Context Menu Key. Is there a keyboard shortcut that will bring up the Context Menu?

Is there a keyboard shortcut that can be used in place of the Context Menu Key?

The Answer

SuperUser contributors Adam Prescott, PTwr, and simbabque have the answer for us. First up, Adam Prescott:

Just hit Shift + F10! This is one of my favorite shortcuts!

Followed by the answer from PTwr:

This is awesome, but in some apps it does not work. For example, the Context Menu of web page elements in Google Chrome and Opera (a possible WebKit issue).

With our final answer from simbabque:

It also works on Ubuntu in some applications (i.e. Google Chrome).

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