Each of us has a preferred layout and setup when we are working with Microsoft Word, but what if something you like and rely on has disappeared? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post helps a frustrated reader get their Microsoft Word layout back to just the way they like it.

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The Question

SuperUser reader Bilo wants to know how to re-enable the formatting icons (Crop Marks) in Microsoft Word:

I am missing the “L” shaped formatting (layout?) icons in Microsoft Word and have no idea of how to get them back. The screenshot that I found shows the missing parts in red circles:

How can I re-enable these formatting icons so that they will be displayed once more? They look like the corners of a box.

How do you re-enable the formatting icons (Crop Marks) in Microsoft Word?

The Answer

SuperUser contributor Primoz has the answer for us:

Those are called Crop Marks and you can enable them via File > Options > Advanced > Show Crop Marks (in the Show Document Content section).

This is equally useful if you happen to dislike the Crop Marks and want to hide them.

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