If you listen to music on your phone or tablet as you fall asleep, you might appreciate being able to set a sleep timer so it doesn’t play all night and wear your battery down.

Many people listen to audio (or watch videos) while they’re lying in bed, often drifting off to sleep in the process. Whether it’s a favorite podcast, an audiobook, or Pandora, it can be a soothing way to end a long, tiring day.

Sleep timers are nothing new and have been featured on televisions and stereos for many years. If you’re accustomed to falling asleep at night in your favorite comfy chair and wake up hours later with the TV or radio on, then setting a timer to put the device to sleep after a certain term saves power and money.

It’s no different now with our phones and tablets, which we tend to use in place of stereos and TVs, and being able to have your device put itself to sleep is definitely a great feature to have.

Setting a Sleep Timer on iPhone or iPad

iOS devices have sleep timer functionality built right into the Clock app. Many users may not even be aware of this.

Tap the button immediately below the timer (with the musical note) and scroll until you select “Stop Playing”.

Now with “Stop Playing” selected, whatever is playing through your iPhone or iPad’s speaker (or headphones) will be stopped once the timer runs down.

This feature works with literally anything you use to listen to be it music or other audio, as well as video, so if you’re watching Netflix and know you’ll zonk out in or around an hour, you can just set the timer.

Setting a Sleep Timer on Android

Android is a literal mixed bag when it comes to functionality. Chances are if it isn’t the core system aka pure Android, then your handset manufacturer might have included this type of feature into their version of Android. Otherwise, you’re looking at using an app.

If you do a quick search for “sleep timer” in the Google Play store, you’ll find results that immediately fit the bill. We tried both apps pictured below and preferred the second one, but we recommend you find the sleep timer app that best fits your needs and tastes.

For this particular app, we were required to give it administrator privileges to lock the screen when it puts the device to sleep.

Thereafter, you can pick the duration before it puts your tablet or phone to sleep.

If you need to cancel or want to add time, you can access those functions from the notification bar.

There are also some pretty useful settings, though the useful battery saving features are only available in the unlocked version, which costs one dollar.

Nevertheless, for the essential function – putting your device to sleep after a certain term – it does exactly as ordered.

So, the next time you find yourself listening to your favorite Game of Thrones podcast in bed or drifting off to something peaceful and meditative, remember you can set up a sleep timer and have it turn off shortly after you normally fall asleep.

If you would like to share your thoughts with us, or have an alternative sleep timer Android app to recommend, please leave your feedback in our discussion forum.

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