A virus breaks out of a lab somewhere deep underground, society falls into chaos, and now the Jones’ from down the street have a hankering for brains like their lives depended on it. So where will you be with the zombie outbreak comes? And who knew your smartphone might be the only tool you could depend on to keep yourself alive through the worst of it?

SAS Survival Guide

Written and collected by the very same SAS operatives enlisted in the service of the United Kingdom, the SAS Survival Guide is an in-depth, excruciatingly detailed manuscript on everything you’ll need to know when the virus strikes and your neighbors are hungry for human flesh.

Based on the wildly popular bestselling book, the SAS Survival Guide features a series of helpful tips and walkthroughs of the information you’ll need to keep yourself alive in specific climates like snow, the desert, tropical rainforests, and the sea as well as a breakdown of how you can use the Sun as a compass (even during the dead of night).

The interactive version also comes with several key tools that could help you in the thick of it, including a morse code signaling device, guides on hand-to-hand combat (for when you’ve got a zombie nipping at your throat), as well as a personalized quiz that will keep you frosty while the walls are crumbling on all sides.

The SAS Survival Guide is just $5.99 on the iTunes store, a steal compared to the retail cost of the book alone.

The TaskOne iPhone Case (for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, and 6)

The TaskOne iPhone Case comes equipped with everything you’d need to survive if you were dropped in the middle of the wilderness with nothing but your phone and no service to call for help.

The case is packed with a range of helpful tools including a compass, a knife, a 2.5” serrated knife, a 1.8” sawblade, a magnesium-flint fire starter (iPhone 6 version only), pliers with attached wirecutters, and even a five inch ruler in case you’re building a temporary shelter and precision is the name of the game. Other features of the case include six Allen wrenches going from 1/16” through to 6mm, a pair of Phillips head and flathead screwdrivers, as well as possibly the most vital tool of all: a fully-functional bottle opener.

Whether you’re roughing the slopes of Kilimanjaro or just spending a weekend out with friends in the forest, the TaskOne case is a must-have for keeping your fire fed and your belly full while running from a pack of flesh eaters.

The TaskOne iPhone case is being sold for a flat fee of $89.95 for all available models, while the iPhone 6 version is still in preorder and expected to release sometime later this month.

HAM Radio

Though the chances of reliable cell phone service making it through the apocalypse are pretty thin, other services like HAM radio channels will still be open for business long after reception towers have collapsed under the weight of the undead.

HAM radio is a simple way for separated family members and lost hikers to get in contact with emergency service providers as well as to listen in for any glimpses of hope that a cure has been found to finally stomp out the infection.

Though the iPhone can’t pick up any HAM signals on its own, when linked up to select radio receiver/transmitter combos (like the Elecraft KX3, seen here), the iPhone can be used as a visual controller that will allow you to specifically zone in on the frequency you want to listen in on or transmit to, depending on your coordinates.

HAM may be a bit outdated as far as millenials are concerned, but it’s still a vitally important tool in dire situations where food is running low, communications are out for miles in every direction, and you need to know what’s going on with the rest of society if they’re just over the next mountain ridge or halfway across the country.

The K3i Network app will run $1.99 in the iTunes store, while the Elecraft KX3 receiver itself will put a bit more of a dent in your pocket, starting at $899.95 from the company’s website.

Edible Plant Guide

So you’ve escaped the city center, fought off a few dozen petrified corpses come to life, and built a nice cabin for yourself out in the middle of nowhere.

Now what’s for dinner?

With the Edible Plant Guide tucked neatly in your pocket, you’ll have the world’s largest dictionary of readily edible plants, mushrooms, and even select varieties of tree bark that will keep you and your newfound clan of survivors full of nutrients and ready to build a new zombie-free society.

All told the EPG has a cornucopia of nearly 1,000 different plants contained within its tome, including what you can eat and what you should stay away from, along with multiple pictures and descriptions of each so you’ll never be caught munching down on poisonous fungi that looked a little too closely like the shitakes you used to buy at the corner market.

The best part is that the Edible Plant Guide also comes with an entire section dedicated to purely medicinal herbs and plants that can treat everything from inflammation to sunburn, indigestion, and even life-threatening fevers. That means even if modern medicine is wiped off the face of the planet , you won’t be left scrambling to cook up a home cold remedy when another member of your tribe falls ill.

The Edible Plant Guide is $2.99 on the iTunes store today.

Don’t Forget to Keep Your Battery Charged

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Of course, your phone won’t do much good at keeping you alive if you can’t keep the phone alive. In case the power-grid gets overrun with hungry flesh-eaters, you can refer to our helpful guide on how to make sure your mobile devices stay charged even after the lights go out.

You can get yourself a hand-crank generator, a solar charger, or even a generator that hooks up to a bicycle so you can charge your phone while you’re escaping the zombies.

Yes, we’ll admit that despite what the media might have you believe, the likelihood of a zombie outbreak happening in our lifetimes is basically slim to none.

Even so, getting yourself locked and loaded with these survival tools is still a great way to make your time in the wilderness a little more bearable (and a lot more exciting) thanks to all the new tech toys you’ll have ready to deploy in an emergency or just for some good old fashioned outdoor fun.


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