If you have two awesome dual-monitor computers and want to easily switch back and forth between them using a single keyboard and mouse, then what is the best way to go about it? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post provides some great suggestions for a reader’s heavenly hardware setup.

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The Question

SuperUser reader Arjang wants to know if it is possible to control two dual-monitor computers with a single keyboard and mouse:

I have two computers (each with Windows 7 Enterprise) sitting side by side, each with dual monitors. The four monitors are arranged like this from left to right: monitors #1 and #2 belong to the first computer, monitors #3 and #4 belong to the second computer.

Is it possible to remote desktop into the first computer from the second computer (with the monitors remaining attached to their respective computers) while working on the second computer?

If this cannot be done via a remote desktop connection, is there an alternative way of working with two computers and their respective monitors using a single keyboard and mouse (as if it is all just one computer)? By that I mean, I would be able to seamlessly move across the various monitors with the same mouse and interact with whichever computer a particular monitor is attached to.

Is it possible to control two dual-monitor computers with a single keyboard and mouse?

The Answer

SuperUser contributor intika has the answer for us:


There are many applications that are made just for this purpose. You just need to install them on your different computers and your keyboard and mouse will be available on both.

There is also a hardware alternative like a keyboard/mouse switch.


  • Synergy
  • ShareMouse
  • Input Director
  • Mouse without Borders
  • Multiplicity
  • Teleport
  • SynergyKM
  • Mouse Broadcaster

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