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It’s obvious that Windows 10 will come with some innovative features. However, Microsoft doesn’t expend much energy on the improvement of the OS’ media playback nor media center, which has been exemplified by the confirmation of the lack of Windows Media Player in Windows 10.

It is wise to kick off seeking a substitute for the forsaken media player for Windows 10 right off the bat, and by substitute I am actually referring to 5KPlayer. Although there are various media player software in the market, none of them is as comprehensive as 5KPlayer.

5KPlayer is a mixture of free 4K/5K/1080p HD video player, music player, AirPlay media streamer and online video downloader. Just see what a real media player will do:
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5KPlayer Plays Everything

First, 5KPlayer works as a free media player for Windows/Mac that supports playing any HD/SD videos in MKV/M2TS/MP4/AVI/WMV/FLV file extension and AAC, AC3, WMA, and FLAC & ALAC lossless audio files. It is worth mentioning that 5KPlayer makes it smoother than ever to play 4K, 5K and 1080p HD videos with low CPU cost.

Secondly, this new media player flaunts a powerful radio player that enables you to either enjoy the preset radio stations, such as BBC, Heart, Capital and Gold, or broaden the allure by adding a subsistent radio URL.

Thirdly, you can utilize 5KPlayer as a region-free DVD player. Both home-made and commercial DVDs can be played smoothly with it, which completely and impeccably resurrect DVD playback capability originally missing in Windows 10.

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5KPlayer Supports Apple’s AirPlay Streaming Tech

If you want to enjoy videos/movies, which are stored on iPhone, iPad and iPod, on big screen of computers, 5KPlayer, with built-in AirPlay receiver, can help you free stream media from iDevice to your PC. You can also leverage your computer as a distributer to stream media from PC to Apple TV or AirPlay-enabled speakers, etc, only if both of them have an AirPlay function and are connected to the same network. It is worth noting that videos that can be streamed by 5KPlayer should be in MP4, MOV, M4V file extension, while MP3, M4A and AAC for music streaming. If you have other formats like MKV and AVI at hand, you might need free video converter software, which can convert all kinds of videos to AirPlay-friendly files for streaming.

5KPlayer Supports Downloading Online Videos

As an online video downloader, 5KPlayer has you in a frenzy. It outnumbers nigh any other rivals in the supported websites stake, offering over unparalleled 300+ online video sites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, among others. Not only that, 5KPlayer is capable of downloading 4K videos for offline playback instead of watching online, which is tantalizing as you probably know that watching 4K online requires a 25Mbps or faster downstream Internet connection which is faster than most people have. Also of note is that this downloader supports converting online videos to MP3 or AAC music, netting you the power to realize the long-awaited “download & convert video to MP3 at one go” dream.

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Overall, this free media player software is an endearing combination of video/audio player, online video downloader and media streamer, which undeniably put 5KPlayer near the top of the food chain. At the end of the day, remember to download 5KPlayer which is a perfect substitute for Windows Media Player.

Editor’s Note: As the title suggests, this is a sponsored post.