Word allows you to open multiple documents at once as well as view multiple documents at once. What if you make changes to all the open documents and then want to quickly save and close all of them? Easy to do and we’ll show you how.

In earlier versions of Word (before 2007), holding down the “Shift” key as you click the “File” menu would change the “Save” command to “Save All” and the “Close” command to “Close All”. Starting in version 2007, the menu bar in Word was replaced by the ribbon; however, there is no “Save All” option or “Close All” option available on the backstage screen accessed by clicking the “File” tab. No worries. These two commands are still available in Word. We’ll show you how to add the “Save All” and “Close All” commands to the “Quick Access Toolbar”.

To add the “Save All” and “Close All” commands to the “Quick Access Toolbar”, click the down arrow on the right side of the “Quick Access Toolbar” and select “More Commands” from the drop-down menu.

The “Quick Access Toolbar” screen displays on the “Word Options” dialog box. Select “All Commands” from the “Choose commands from” drop-down list.

Scroll down the list until you find the “Save All” command, select it, and click “Add”.


The “Save All” command is added to the list on the right.

To add the “Close All” command, scroll until you find it in the list of commands on the left, select it, and click “Add”.

The “Close All” command is added to the list on the right.

If you want to rearrange the order of the commands on the “Quick Access Toolbar”, select the command you want to move in the list on the right and click the up or down arrow to the right of the list.

When you’ve finished making your changes, click “OK” to accept them and close the “Word Options” dialog box.

The “Save All” and “Close All” commands are now available on the “Quick Access Toolbar” (as pictured in the image at the beginning of this article) and provide one-click access to these commands.

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