We recently showed you how to set the user information in Word. Word also stores several additional advanced properties related to your documents. Some of these are displayed on the “Info” screen and you can change these properties, as well as create custom properties.

Custom properties can be created to store additional information about the document not available on the “Summary” tab of the “Advanced Properties” dialog box. If you have phrases or words you use often throughout your document that may change between the first and final drafts, setting up some custom properties you can insert into your document can be useful. You can change the value of the property in one place and it will propagate through your document.

NOTE: We used Word 2013 to illustrate this feature.

To create a custom property, click on the “File” tab while in an existing or new Word document.

On the backstage screen, make sure the “Info” screen is active. If not, click “Info” in the list of items on the left.

On the right side of the “Info” screen, click the “Properties” button and select “Advanced Properties” from the drop-down menu.

A dialog box displays with the filename (without the file extension) as the title. Click the “Custom” tab.

You can choose one of the pre-defined custom properties from the list at the top of the tab. If the property you want is not in the list, type a name for the custom property in the “Name” edit box above the list. Select the type of data for the custom property (Text, Date, Number, Yes or No) and enter a value for the property in the “Value” edit box. Click “Add”.

Your custom property with the “Value” and “Type” is added to the “Properties” list. Click “OK” to close the dialog box.

You won’t see the added custom property on the “Info” backstage screen, but you can insert it into your document using a field. We will discuss how to do this in a future article.

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