When you have to send someone a large image file through email, it’s a good idea to resize the image file to make it smaller before sending it. Outlook makes this easy and allows you to resize the image file as it’s sent.

Some companies and email services still have small attachment limits. So, resizing images can avoid having your message bounced back to you. It’s also an easy way of resizing images for yourself. Simply email the image file to yourself and have Outlook resize it automatically.

NOTE: We used Outlook 2013 to illustrate this feature.

To have Outlook resize an image file as it’s sent, create a new email message and enter the recipient’s email address, a subject line and any text message you want to send. Then, click the “Insert” tab.

In the “Include” section of the “Insert” tab, click “Attach File.”

The “Insert File” dialog box displays. Navigate to the folder containing the image you want to send. Select the file and click “Insert.”

The file is attached to the message and the size is noted. In our example, we didn’t send a particularly large image file, but it still got noticeably smaller when it was sent.

Before clicking “Send,” there is a setting we must turn on to resize the image as it’s sent. To access this setting, click the “File” tab.

On the “Info” screen, select the “Resize large images when I send this message” radio button. Then, click the left arrow button in the upper-left corner of the “Info” screen to return to your email message.

Now, click send to send the message.

The image file will be resized and your recipient will receive a smaller file. In our example, the image file went from 345 KB down to 131 KB, as shown in the image at the beginning of this article.

If you must send the original large file to someone, you can use a cloud service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive, or other services for sending and sharing large files. We’ve also previously other options for sending large files over email.

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