If you do a lot of coding and need to switch back and forth between open tabs often, then you need a quick and simple way to do it to keep things flowing smoothly. Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answer to help a frustrated reader enjoy tab-switching goodness.

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The Question

SuperUser reader doon wants to know if there is a way to switch between tabs in Notepad++ using the number keys:

Notepad++ supports either switching between the most recently used tabs or adjacent tabs (depending on Notepad++’s configuration). I was hoping to switch between tabs using Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc. just as I do with Google Chrome.

This functionality does not seem to be supported natively in Notepad++, but I was wondering if there are any plugins or add-ons that may support this. Is there a different notepad application that does? I need to use this a lot in my work. Thanks for any answers.

Is there a way for doon to have easy tab-switching using the number keys in Notepad++?

The Answer

SuperUser contributor tchester has the answer for us:

Notepad++ supports switching between tabs via Ctrl + Number Pad Key combinations rather than using the top level (row) number keys.

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