In Windows 7 Explorer, changing the view of your thumbnails and other files is easy by clicking the Change Your View button in Explorer. What you may not have noticed is there’s an Extra Large view setting as well.

Change Your View Button in Explorer

When in Windows Explorer you can click the Change your view button to toggle through different sizes of the icons. In this example we are in Details view which gives you more data about the files you’re looking at.

After clicking it once we see we have the Tiles View. Clicking it each time will give you a different view including Details, Tiles, Content, List, Large Icons, Medium Icons, and Small Icons.

Extra Large View

The one view not available by simply clicking the Change your view button is Extra Large Icons. To get the Extra Large setting click the arrow button for More Options.

Then at the top of the menu select Extra Large Icons.

In this example we see some default Windows 7 wallpaper icons as Extra Large.

Another way to quickly scroll through the views is click an empty area in the Explorer window, hold down the Ctrl key and scroll your mouse wheel up or down for different sizes.

Yet another way to change the views is to hit Alt+F to bring up the Menu Bar, then click on View and select different.

It can be done in Vista as well by clicking the Views button and selecting Extra Large Icons.

This simple tip can help those with poor vision, or if you need to see more detail in images as larger icons.