Do you need a quick and easy way to store your personal information? With Steganos LockNote, you can encrypt your information and take it with you wherever you go.

Getting Started

Double click the LockNote exe file to get things started. Here is what you will see the first time you open the file…a nice little intro with some quick tips to help get you started.

A Quick Look at the Menu Toolbar & Right Click Menu

The File Menu.

The Edit Menu.

Note: LockNote does not allow editing of Font Type or Size.

The Help Menu.

The Right Click Menu

Unicode Control Character types that can be inserted into your encrypted document.

Saving Your Encrypted Document File

Time to save and encrypt the document. Please notice the original file name at the top of the window “lock-note-(1.0.4)”.

When you go to save your document (for our example we will name the document “angelic-secrets”, you will be prompted for a password with the following window. The file name noted above will remain (even after saving the document) until you close the window.

Here you can see the original file that we started with and the one that we have just saved. Double clicking the original file will open the same beginning window as shown above ready to be turned into a whole new encrypted document (unless you saved the file under the original name).

Double clicking the newly saved document will immediately bring up the prompt window for the password you chose.

Our example document opened very quickly and is ready to edit and/or use. Notice that the new file name is displaying at the top of the window now that it has been reopened.

Changing the Password

If for some reason you need or decide to change your password, go to the “File Menu” and select “Change Password…”. You will be asked for your current password to begin the process.

Now you are ready to enter and confirm your new password.

Once you have entered and confirmed your new password, you will see the following message window.

That is all there is to it!


  • Works with Windows 2000 and above
  • Small and portable exe file format (no installation required)
  • AES 256 bit Encryption
  • Store your personal information in encrypted easy to open LockNote files (just double click and enter your password)
  • Automatically encrypt existing text files by dragging and dropping them into a LockNote window


Download Steganos LockNote version 1.0.5 (via SourceForge)

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