Portable applications are cool because you can run them on any machine from your thumb drive. What isn’t cool is the annoying splash screens that appear when launching the apps. Here’s how to disable the annoyance.

In this example we are using Portable Apps version 1.6.1.

Disable Splash Screen in Portable Firefox 

To disable the Splash Screen, open up Computer and double-click on your flash drive containing PortableApps.


Now browse to the following location…


In this directory you’ll find the file FirefoxPortable.ini. Open this file with Notepad…

This ini file should look similar to the shot below. By default, the line DisableSplashScreen=False … we just need to change False to True.

Then make sure to save the change…

Now copy the FirefoxPortable.ini file we just edited.

Then go back to the main directory PortableApps \ FirefoxPortable and paste it there.

That is all there is to it! Now when you launch Portable Firefox, you won’t have to wait while the Splash Screen displays before you can start using it.

If you ever want to revert back to having the Splash Screen display, all you’ll need to do is delete FirefoxPortable.ini from PortableApps \ FirefoxPortable.

The process is essentially the same in other PortableApps as well. Just follow the steps shown above. For example here we’re disabling the Splash Screen from KeePassPortable by going into the thumb drive PortableApps \ KeePassPortable \ Other \ Source and changing the KeePassPortable.ini file for DisableSplashScreen to equal True. Save it…

Then copy it to the main KeePassPortable directory…

If you are annoyed by having to see the Splash Screen every time you launch a portable app, following these steps rids the annoyance!

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