Downloading files from the PHP mirrors is annoying, because by default the redirector makes the name of the filename change to just “mirror.” So how do you fix this? Luckily wget has a simple argument that you can use to fix it — and it is useful for many scenarios.

Whenever you want to force the output from the Wget command into a specific filename, you just need to use the -O argument (that’s a capital letter o), or the longer version, --output-document=FILE that is a lot of extra typing for no reason.

So to force PHP to download as a specific filename, you would use something like this:

wget -O php-5.5.14.tar.gz

That line would save the resulting download file from the mirror link to the filename php-5.5.14.tar.gz. You would change the version number for a different version, right? Yes, you would, because that isn’t even the latest version as of this moment.