Being able to find your favorite applications using substrings makes your workload just a bit easier to deal with, but what do you do when this useful search feature stops working? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answer to solve a reader’s ‘broken’ search feature problem.

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The Question

SuperUser reader Rich wants to know why the application search feature in Windows 8 no longer matches substrings:

When I first installed Windows 8, I could start an application by tapping the Windows key once to bring up the Start Screen, then type a substring of the application’s name. At some point since then, the substring part seems to have stopped working.

So now, if I type chrom, I get, No apps match your search, but when I type the final e, Google Chrome pops up. Similarly, IE used to bring up Internet Explorer, but now I have to type the whole word Internet before anything is found.

Did Microsoft really change the functionality to make it much less useful, or is there a setting somewhere that has somehow been altered to create this change in behavior?

Could it be as simple as a changed setting, or is there something more going on here?

The Answer

SuperUser contributor Samuel Nicholson has the answer for us:

Check your folder options. Make sure that “Find partial matches” is check-marked.

Control Panel –> Folder Options

Special Note: This solution is specific to Windows 8. The system updates to Windows 8.1 have taken care of this and substrings are now automatically matched when searching for applications.

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