How to Create Portable Versions of Applications in Windows 8.1 Using Cameyo

If this is the first time you’ve opened the main Cameyo program, you will be asked to register. Registration is free and provides additional features. Fill out the form and click Register.


To see what portable apps are available through Cameyo, click the Computer icon at the bottom of the window. You’ll notice the application you just created. Click it to run it or click the X to delete it.


Click the Studio icon at the bottom of the screen.


Once you have created a packaged, portable application, you can change settings for it. To do this for the application you just created, click the icon next to Package editor.


NOTE: You can also edit a package my selecting Edit a package on the Cameyo dialog box that displays after double-clicking the Cameyo.exe file.


In the Package Editor, click the Open existing virtual app link.

NOTE: If you’ve opened a package for editing previously, it is listed under Recently edited.


Navigate to the Cameyo apps directory, select the portable application you just created and click Open.


There are several options to set on the General tab. Click Advanced for additional options.


On the Advanced tab, you can change additional settings, such as whether the program will leave any traces on the computer.

For additional information on these settings, see the User Guide available on Cameyo’s site.


If you make any changes to the settings, select Save from the File menu to save your changes.


A dialog box displays once the package has been saved. Click OK to close it.


To close the Package Editor, select Exit from the File menu.


There are some general settings for Cameyo that can be adjusted. If you’ve closed the main Cameyo window, open it again (as discussed earlier) and click the wrench icon in the lower-right corner of the window.


Here, you can change the directory into which your portable apps are saved, and set several other options. Click OK once you’ve made your changes.


To close the main Cameyo window, click the X in the upper-right corner of the window.


Cameyo comes with an extensive apps library (using the Library icon in the main Cameyo app), composed of hundreds of the most popular software. This allows you to try out software without having to install it. If you don’t want the app anymore, simply remove it. It will not leave any remnants on your computer.

You can use Cameyo free for home use and for smaller companies and on up to 49 machines.

There are also other methods of transforming install only applications into portable applications.

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