Whether you are a developer or just someone who likes to keep things cleaned up, you have better things to do than spend all your time clearing out the cache and cookies the ‘hard way’. Is there a quicker, easier way to do it?

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The Question

SuperUser reader Joshua Dance wants to know the quickest and easiest way to clear out the cache and cookies in Google Chrome:

The standard way (Hamburger Icon > Tools > Clear Browsing Data > Confirm) is slow, especially when you have to clear both frequently during development. Currently, I hit F12 to bring up the Console, go to the network tab, and right click Clear Cache, then right click Clear Cookies.

I have also tried extensions such as Cache Killer, but have not found one I love.

Is there a faster way? One click for example?

Is there a quicker, easier way to clear both out and make Joshua’s work flow smoother?

The Answer

SuperUser contributors Muhammad and Punchlinern have the answer for us. First up, Muhammad:

I am on Mac and this is the shortcut: Shift+Command+Delete.

On Windows, it is: Ctrl+Shift+Delete.

This link gives you all the shortcuts for Chrome: Chrome Support: Mac keyboard shortcuts.

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Followed by the answer from Punchlinern:

I use the Chrome extension Clear Cache. It does the same as Chrome’s own Clear Browsing Data dialogue, but you can assign a shortcut to it (or just use the extension button next to the address bar). I have mine set up to reload the page and remove any cache from the last hour by pressing Ctrl+Shft+R. It saves me a lot of time by not having to enter Chrome’s dialogue when editing a web site.


Having a quicker, easier way to speed up your workflow is always a good thing. And with today’s answers, you can choose the method that works best for you when clearing out the cache and cookies.

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