Google Calendar is a great way to share appointments, and synchronize your schedule with others. Here we show you how to view your Google Calendar in Outlook 2010 too.

Google Calendar

Log into the Google Calendar and under My Calendars click on Settings.

Now click on the calendar you want to view in Outlook.

Scroll down the page and click on the ICAL button from the Private Address section, or Calendar Address if it’s a public calendar…then copy the address to your clipboard.

Outlook 2010

Open up your Outlook calendar, click the Home tab on the Ribbon, and under Manage Calendars click on Open Calendar \ From Internet…

Now enter the link location into the New Internet Calendar field then click OK.

Click Yes to the dialog box that comes up verifying you want to subscribe to it.


If you want more subscription options click on the Advanced button. Here you can name the folder, type in a description, and choose if you want to download attachments.

That is all there is to it! Now you will be able to view your Google Calendar in Outlook 2010.

You’ll also be able to view your local computer and the Google Calendar side by side…

Keep in mind that this only gives you the ability to view the Google Calendar…it’s read-only. Any changes you make on the Google Calendar site will show up when you do a send/receive.

If live out of Outlook during the day, you might want the ability to view what is going on with your Google Calendar(s) as well. If you’re an Outlook 2007 user, check out our article on how to view your Google Calendar in Outlook 2007.