Sysinternals and NirSoft both provide helpful utilities for your Windows system but may not be very convenient to access. Using the Windows System Control Center you can easily access everything through a single UI front end.


The first thing to do is set up three new folders in Program Files (or Program Files (x86) if you are using a 64bit system) with the following names (the first two need to exactly match what is shown here):

  • Sysinternals Suite
  • NirSoft Utilities (create this folder only if you have any of these apps downloaded)
  • Windows System Control Center (or WSCC depending on your preferences)

Unzip the contents of the Sysinternals Suite into its’ folder. Then unzip any individual NirSoft Utilities programs that you have downloaded into the NirSoft folder.

All that is left to do is to unzip the WSCC software into its’ folder and create a shortcut.

WSCC in Action

When you start WSCC up for the first time you will see the following message with a brief explanation about the software.

Next the options window will appear providing you an opportunity to look around and make any desired changes. WSCC can access utilities for both suites using a live connection if needed (utilities accessed live are not downloaded).

Note: This occurs on the first run only.

This is the main WSCC window…you can choose the utility that you want to use by sorting through an all items list or based on category.

Note: WSCC may occasionally experience a problem downloading a particular utility if using the live service.

We conducted a quick test by accessing two Sysinternals apps. First PsInfo…

Followed by DiskView. Both opened quickly and were ready to go.

There were no NirSoft Utilities installed on our test system in order to provide a live access example.

Within moments WSCC accessed the CurrProcess utility and had it running on our system. Our recommendation is to download your favorite utilities from both suites (in order to always have easy access to them).


WSCC provides an easy way to access all of the apps in the Sysinternals Suite and NirSoft Utilities in one place.

Note: A PortableApps version is also available.


Download Windows System Control Center (WSCC)

Download Windows Sysinternals Suite

Download individual NirSoft Utilities programs

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