Have you ever been in a position where your hands were full, or covered in ‘something’ that you wanted to keep away from your keyboard, but needed to search for something on Google at the same time? Whether it is finding out what the forgotten ingredient for the dish you are cooking is, or the next step you need to perform on your work-in-progress, Google has you covered with their new Voice Search extension!

Using the new extension is as easy as can be…as shown in the video demo below.

You can install the extension and learn more about it via the links below. The OMG! Chrome! blog post linked below is a good read-through for details about a few quirks present in this first beta release of the extension.

Special Note: At the moment it appears that the extension is not working well, or at times not at all with localized versions of Google’s search page in different countries. If it is not working for your location, then try the main ‘Plain Jane’ version until Google updates the extension.

Install the Google Voice Search Hotword (Beta) Extension [Google Chrome Store]

Google Voice Search Hotword Extension Announcement [Google+]

New Google Extension Brings ‘Ok Google’ to Everyone [OMG! Chrome! Blog]

Talk to Google on Chrome [YouTube]

[via OMG! Chrome! and CNET News]

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