Have you ever wondered how much time is added to the boot process by your anti-virus solution? This handy chart shows you the answer, with some surprising results.

According to Soluto, which was a cloud-based solution that allows you to manage multiple computers, servers, and even mobile devices over the web, the average boot time of a PC is 3 minutes. You can use the Event Viewer to figure out how long your PC takes during the boot process. If you want to go old-school and low-tech, you can always just use a watch.

The data in the graph is generated from millions of computers running the Soluto software, which obviously includes older computers as well, so the chart is based on an average across all PCs. It does go to show that some anti-virus products will slow down your PC more than others, which is useful and interesting information.

Have you noticed a difference in boot time from your anti-virus product? Measure it yourself and let us know in the comments.