Will You Take the Risk and Use Windows XP Beyond April 2014?

The deadline for the end of Windows XP support is drawing closer every day now, yet many people and businesses continue to use it. Microsoft is adamant that once April 8th comes and goes, there will be no end-of-life extensions, assisted support options, or online technical content updates of any kind, period. With this in mind, many security experts are expecting malware authors to start stockpiling exploits and vulnerabilities in the lead-up to the cut-off date.

Grim Reaper clip art courtesy of Clker.com.

If you are using Windows XP, will you take a chance and continue using the operating system beyond the deadline? Perhaps you have updated all your systems to newer versions already, but know people who have not for a variety of reasons? Do you think all the worry about malware authors stockpiling exploits and vulnerabilities is nothing more than hype? Are you dreading the requests for help from people who refuse to update? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments!

You can learn more about the expected XP security storm and Microsoft’s official announcement about the end of support via the article links below.

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