Latest Leaked Windows 8.1 Build Shows Continued Focus on Polish and Improvements

Windows 8.1 RTM is nearly here and Microsoft is continuing to work hard adding polish and improvements to the operating system. The Verge has obtained a copy of the latest leaked build and taken it for a test spin, so if you are curious about the latest round of changes, then here is your opportunity to see what is new!

Screenshot courtesy of the The Verge.

Windows 8.1 is continuing to evolve and add the ‘polish’ many users have wanted since the initial 8.0 release. Some examples in the latest build are the addition of new ‘help tips’ to built-in apps, continued improvement of the default apps, enhanced context menus, and more.

You can learn more about the latest changes and see a photo gallery of screenshots from the latest leaked build by visiting the links below.

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New Windows 8.1 build addresses first-time user complaints (Photo Gallery) [The Verge]

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