How to Build Your Own Internet Security Suite For Free

You don’t really need a full Internet security suite. However, many people like having them — and they pay dearly with subscription fees. But you can assemble your own security suite for free.

We’ll be using a variety of free programs to get you all the features you would get out of a comprehensive security suite. All you lose is the integration — there’s no single interface that brings all of these features together.


The core of any security suite is its antivirus protection. There are a variety of solid, free antivirus programs that work just as well as paid antiviruses at blocking malware, bells and whistles aside. You shouldn’t have multiple antivirus programs installed and running at once, so you’ll have to pick one:


Windows includes a solid firewall that blocks incoming connections by default. If you want to easily block outgoing connections, preventing applications from connecting to the Internet, you’ll probably want a third-party firewall. All of these applications will do fine:

Web Safety

Whether you’re using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, your browser has built-in phishing and malware protection. If you visit a known-bad site, your browser will warn you. However, many Internet security suites go beyond this and provide browser plugins that display icons next to links on search pages, warning you whether a page is safe before you click it. If you want this feature, you can use a variety of tools:

PC Cleaning and Optimization

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Many security suites have PC cleaning and optimization features. These won’t really speed up your computer — at least, no more than you could speed it up on your own using tools built into Windows. However, these tools can be useful to free up space used by useless files on your hard drive and delete private data in programs you use:.

Other Useful Tools

Security software companies never stop packing features into their security suites, so security suites have many more features. Whatever the feature, if you want it, you can get it for free. Here are some examples:

If there’s another feature you want, perform a Google search for it along with the word “free” and you’ll probably find a solid, free solution. Paid Internet security suites are a luxury product, providing many nonessential features in a convenient package.