There may be times you want to remove a row or column from a spreadsheet, but you don’t want to permanently delete it from the worksheet file. Excel has a feature that allows you to temporarily hide a row or column from view.

NOTE: Cells in hidden rows and columns can still be included in calculations in other visible cells as well as perform calculations themselves.

To hide one or more rows, select the row(s) to be hidden.


Right-click on one of the row headers selected and select Hide from the popup menu.


The selected rows are hidden, including the row headings. Notice that rows three and four in the following image are hidden as well. A thick line also initially separates the rows where there are hidden rows. When you perform other actions on the spreadsheet, this thick line will disappear. However, you can tell where the rows are hidden by the missing row headers.


To unhide a row, you must first select the rows both above and below the hidden row(s). Then, right-click on the selected row headers and select Unhide from the popup menu.


The hidden rows display again and are highlighted along with the surrounding rows.


You can also easily hide one or more columns. Select the column(s) you want to hide, right-click on one of the column headers, and select Hide from the popup menu.


The selected columns are hidden along with the column headers and a thicker line displays where the columns were.


To unhide the hidden columns, just like with hidden rows, select the columns both to the right and left of the hidden columns, right-click on one of the column headers, and select Unhide from the popup menu.


The hidden column(s) display again highlighted along with the columns on either side.


This feature is handy if you want to print out only relevant rows and columns of your spreadsheet, but don’t want to delete the temporarily unneeded information.

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