The ability to sync data and settings between computers running Windows 8 is great, but it does mean that your information – possibly personal – is stored in the cloud. If you have changed your mind about syncing and want to remove your data from the cloud, here’s how to do it.

Disable Data Syncing

The first thing to do is to disable syncing on each of your Windows 8 computers.

Call up the Charms bar by moving the mouse to the one of the right hand corners of the screen, or by pressing the Windows key and C simultaneously.  Click Settings followed by ‘Change PC settings’.

Click the ‘Sync your settings’ link to the towards the bottom of the left hand list and then click the switch labeled ‘Sync settings on this PC’ so that it is in the Off position.

You can then close the Settings screen by dragging it downwards.

Remember to do this with all of the computers you have associated with your Microsoft account.

Deleting Cloud Data

When syncing has been disabled, data can then be removed.

Microsoft has setup a dedicated page which can be used to delete data that has been uploaded to the cloud. Pay a visit to the Windows 8 Personal Settings page – you may be prompted to sign into your Microsoft account – and click the Remove button at the bottom.

That’s really all there is to it. Your data will be deleted and syncing will no longer be carried out unless you decide to re-enable the feature. This is useful to know if things go awry, you’re concerned about security, or you just want to start over from scratch.

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