Do you want to make the most efficient use of the space in Chrome’s Bookmarks Toolbar? Now you can reduce the bookmarks to icons with just a few minutes work.

Note: You may or may not wish to do some reorganizing with your bookmarks before-hand.

Condensing the Bookmarks

If your browser is anything like ours then it has not taken long to fill up your Bookmarks Toolbar. Accessing the drop-down section often throughout the day is not too fun.

The bookmarks are the easiest part of your collection to condense. Right-click on each bookmark and select “Edit…” to open the Edit Bookmark Window.

Delete the text, click OK, and you are finished.

You still have a useable bookmark that looks nice and takes up very little room.

These are our bookmarks from the first screenshot above…no problems with accessing all of them now. With just a few minutes work you can have a beautiful and compact Bookmarks Toolbar.

If you have been looking for a more efficient and compact Bookmarks Toolbar in Chrome, then this little hack will certainly be useful for you.

Akemi Iwaya
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