To find a specific date in the calendar in Outlook, you can scroll through all the weeks and months. Or, you can save some time using the Go To Date feature and enter a date to which you want to jump.

You can even jump to a date using a date-related phrase, such as “7 days from now” or “10 weeks from now.”

Open Outlook and click Calendar at the bottom of the window.

In the Go To section on the HOME tab, click the small arrow, or press Ctrl + G.

The Go To Date dialog box displays. To select a date from a drop down calendar, click the down arrow to the right of the Date edit box. Navigate to the desired month using the right and left arrows at the top of the drop-down calendar. Click the desired date to select it.

You can also enter a date-related phrase, such as “Two weeks from tomorrow” in the Date edit box.

Click OK. The appropriate date is calculated and displayed in the Date edit box before the dialog box is closed.

The desired date is automatically selected in the calendar.

To go back to today’s date, click Today in the Go To section of the HOME tab.

If you plan a lot of meetings, events, etc. for the future, this feature can save you time when entering these items into your calendar.

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