Looking for a way to display song lyrics in Windows Media Player? Today we look at a very simple method to accomplish this with Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player.

Download and run the Lyrics Plugin install. (See download link below) When the installation is finished you’ll be prompted to run Windows Media Player. Click Yes.

Begin playing your song or playlist then switch to Now Playing mode.


You should now see the full song lyrics of the currently playing track.

To toggle the lyrics on and off, select Tools from the Menu in Library view, choose Plug-ins, and click Lyrics Plugin.

If you don’t see the Menu bar, you can enable it by going to Organize, Layout, and Show Menu Bar.

When Lyrics Plugin is turned off, Windows Media Player will switch back to it’s default visualization.


Whether you just want to know the lyrics or you’d like to hone your karaoke chops, Lyrics Plugin makes a nice addition to Windows Media Player 12.

Download Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player 12.