If you have the Starter Edition of Windows 7 installed on your netbook you may be sick of looking at the default wallpaper. With Starter Background Changer you can access other customization options with ease.


There is not a lot that you can say about the singular default wallpaper included with the Starter Edition…it just kind of sits there all boring like.

Installing Starter Background Changer

Since the installer part of the program is in French we have the entire set of install windows shown here with the appropriate buttons highlighted to get you through the whole process without any problems.

Using Starter Background Changer

Once the installation process has finished you will simply see a quiet screen with no desktop icons or Start Menu entries visible. Now if you are wondering at this point “Did the program finish installing or did it install at all?” the answer is yes. Right click on your desktop and you will notice a new entry on the Context Menu…the same one that is included in the other editions but not Starter. Time to have some fun…

The Personalization Window will open maximized but we have reduced it here for our screenshots. You have four regular categories to choose from in the lower part of the window: Wallpaper, Colors, Sounds, & Screensavers.

The first category that we chose for our example was Wallpaper. As you can see here the main display area (My Collection) has no wallpapers showing at the moment. You can use the drop-down menu to access your My Pictures Folder or browse for a different location. Notice that you can choose how the image fills the screen and set up a timed wallpaper slideshow at the bottom.

Any picture (or pictures) selected will be added to the My Collection display for easy access the next time you open the window. Once you choose a picture click on Validate the modification to set the wallpaper for your desktop and return to the main window.

When you return to the main window you will see a preview for your selection. At this point you can simply close the window or make further adjustments in the other categories.

Starter Background Changer provides easy one-stop access to other customization areas. We started off with Colors…

Followed by Sounds…

And finally Screensavers.

Before you do close the main window you can take a quick look at the Options if desired. We did set Optimization of the images to High on our system.

Quick and easy wallpaper satisfaction.

We did pin the Program Window to our Taskbar…nice if you prefer this method as opposed to the Desktop Context Menu.


If you have been longing for a way to change the wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter Edition then you will definitely want to give this program a try. Goodbye boring default wallpaper!

For more wonderful ways to customize your Windows 7 Starter Edition be sure to read our article here.


Download Starter Background Changer

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