Week in Geek: WordPress Sites Across the Globe Suffering Brute Force Attacks from Botnet

By Akemi Iwaya on April 14th, 2013

Our latest edition of WIG is filled with news link coverage on topics such as Windows XP now has less than a year of extended support remaining, Dropbox is now offering business customers an IT-friendly version, the Social Media widget for WordPress has been injecting spam advertisements into sites, and more.

Weekly News Links

  • Facebook Home arrives in Google Play store
    Facebook attempts to put people before apps with their release of Facebook Home, a family of applications that recreates popular social-networking functions such as chat and News Feed and embeds them within the home screen experience on select Android devices. The software suite is now live in the Google Play store.
  • Dropbox sinks its hooks deeper into businesses
    Recognizing its appeal to companies, the cloud storage company rebrands its enterprise offering with an IT-friendly approach.
  • Apple, Yahoo said to be cozying up for more iOS services
    The iPhone and iPad maker is said to be discussing a deeper partnership with Yahoo to get more of its services on iOS devices.
  • Google adds local safety alerts to search results
    A partnership between Google and tech startup Nixle will allow safety notifications from local authorities to appear at the top of search results.
  • Mozilla brands Persona as password killer
    An update to Mozilla’s beta log-in system lays the groundwork for using preferred Web mail username and password to sign in on multiple sites.
  • Mozilla seeks to integrate payment system into Firefox OS
    The organization is working on a common web API designed to make payments “easy and secure…yet still as flexible as the checkout button for merchants.”
  • Mozilla Firefox 23 Will Block Mixed SSL Content
    A big change is coming for Mozilla Firefox 23 that will force a best practice on web users that is long overdue. Many websites have long mixed SSL content with non-SSL content on the same page. That’s bad. The correct best practice is to not mix SSL with non-SSL on the same page, which is something that Firefox 23 will enforce by default.
  • Why Mozilla had a change of heart about WebP images
    Firefox programmers reconsidered their opposition to Google’s image format for two reasons: new data showing graphics files 30 percent smaller for faster page loads — and that the info came from a close ally.
  • SeaMonkey 2.18 Beta 1 Introduces Private Browsing
    SeaMonkey 2.18 Beta 1 is a new major release in the series and comes with a couple of important new features, not to mention all the bugfixes made available.
  • Does WebKit face a troubled future now that Google is gone?
    Now that Google is going its own way and developing its rendering engine independently of the WebKit project, both sides of the split are starting the work of removing all the things they don’t actually need.
  • Windows XP death watch: 365 days remaining
    On April 8th, 2014 Microsoft will terminate Extended Support for Windows XP. That means no more security updates. And that could mean very big problems for a significant percentage of PC users.
  • Microsoft pulls security update for Windows and Windows Server
    After Windows users reported problems with Microsoft’s security update 2823324, part of security bulletin MS13-036, the company has pulled the update from its automatic update service for Windows 7, Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 2008 R2. The company recommends users uninstall the patch. You can access the KB article for help with removing Windows 7 security update 2823324 here.
  • Microsoft rolls out Office 2010 SP2 beta
    Microsoft has released a beta version of Service Pack 2 for Office 2010. The SP2 beta also includes Sharepoint 2010 support as well. In addition, it has improved support for Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8, updates for system reliability, program compatibility, security and more.
  • Ubuntu Website Warns Windows 8 Users: Don’t Use WUBI
    Poor WUBI – things just continue to look bleaker for the once-innovative installer. A week or so after being thrown off of the default Ubuntu 13.04 disc image the Ubuntu website is now also warning users not to use WUBI to try Ubuntu 12.10.
  • Where’d Gwibber Go in Ubuntu 13.04? And What’s Friends?
    Gwibber needs little in-way of introduction. The social networking client has been a default app in Ubuntu since 10.04, but was popular with users long before then too. But anyone booting into the new-fangled Ubuntu 13.04 desktop later this month will notice that it’s missing; Gwibber does not come pre-installed on Ubuntu any longer. So what’s going on?

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Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 04/14/13
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