When working on Word 2007 documents for the office wouldn’t it be nice to edit them while in Print Preview instead of going back into the document?  Today we look at how to accomplish editing documents while in Print Preview.

Print Preview is used to see how the document will look like when it is printed to paper.  You can get into Print Preview mode by clicking the Print Preview icon on the Quick Access Toolbar or clicking on the Office Start Menu \ Print \ Print Preview.

Now while in Print Preview un-check Magnifier located in the Preview tab on the Ribbon.

Now you can go in and make any adjustments to the document while still in Print Preview.

A handy Keyboard Ninja trick to toggle between the Word document and Print Preview is CTRL+Alt+I (the letter “i”not the vertical key also known as Pipe).  Hopefully this tip will come in handy to help speed up your document creation.