How to Clear the Recent Documents List in Word 2013


When you open Word 2013, a list of recently opened documents displays on the left side of the screen. This list also displays when you select the Open option from within the program. If you would rather not see this list, it’s easy to disable.

To disable the Recent Documents list in Word, click the FILE tab in the program.


Click Options from the list on the left side of the screen.


On the Word Options dialog box, click Advanced in the list of options on the left.


On the Advanced screen, scroll down to the Display section. Select the value in the Show this number of Recent Documents edit box. Change the value to 0 to disable the list.


Now, when you open Word, or select the Open option in the program, there are no documents in your Recent Documents list.


To re-enable the list, go back into the Word Options dialog box and enter the desired value (from 0 to 50, inclusive) in the Show this number of Recent Documents edit box on the Advanced screen. If any documents were previously displayed in the Recent Documents list, they are added to the list again.

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