You probably already know about Lorem Ipsum or perhaps tools such as Random Text Generator, however what can end up happening is – despite the nature of the text – people still focus on the text and attempt to read it. When situations such as this happen, using completely random or gibberish text can come in handy.

When Lorem Ipsum Isn’t Enough

Wikipedia defines Lorum Ipsum’s common use as:

In publishing and graphic design, lorem ipsum is placeholder text (filler text) commonly used to demonstrate the graphics elements of a document or visual presentation, such as font, typography, and layout, by removing the distraction of meaningful content.

This works in a lot of cases, but sometimes you will have those who focus on the text (“hey, the text is in Latin”) and attempt to read it because, after all, the text is pronounceable. Using random word generators can yield the same results (“hey, that text doesn’t make any sense”). Obviously, this defeats the whole point of filler text.

So for cases like this, using completely random text to the point where it is just characters in paragraph form can be handy. One glance at the text and it is immediately obvious that the content is merely a placeholder.

Random Text Generator Tool

The Random Text Generator tool is a slightly modified version of a batch script with the same name (both are available for download using the links at the bottom of the article) which has been converted to an EXE file for ease of anticipated/typical use.

Default options are:

  • Text which is 3 paragraphs
  • paragraphs between 5 and 8 sentences long
  • sentences between 6 and 10 words long
  • words between 3 and 10 characters long

So by simply running the RandomText.exe file the output will open in Notepad and resemble something like the following:


If you would like to override these settings, you would need to run the tool from the command line and specify the appropriate switches. The help information (available by running “RandomText /?” from the command line) displays the following information:


For example, the following produces 10 random sentences using the default sentence and word length:

RandomText /T 10 /P 1 1

This command produces a single paragraph with 20 sentences between 15 and 20 words long where a word is between 3 and 5 characters:

RandomText /T 1 /P 20 20 /S 15 20 /W 3 5


While a tool like this can seem a bit absurd, it definitely can have its place. Of course, the uses are not limited to mere placeholder text generation as pretty much anywhere you need to use garbage text, this tool can be of value.

Download Links

Random Text Generator – modified executable format

Random Text Generator – source batch files (more command line oriented)