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Will We Ever Visit Other Stars?

Science fiction movies and television programs show the human race travelling to other star systems and all across the galaxy, but can the ability to travel to other points in space ever become a reality? Vsauce takes a look at the current technology, theories, and more in this fascinating thirteen minute video discussion.

Will We Ever Visit Other Stars? [YouTube]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 02/6/13

Comments (9)

  1. miry-mir

    for what ?

  2. Robbie

    Even if you could somehow travel many,many times the speed of light (without hitting something along the way), the extreme heat and radiation of the star might be a little uncomfortable.

  3. Whadihesay

    When I see videos like this I start to see why PBS is failing. And then when I see comments like “miry-mir” I’m reminded why PBS even exists! It would seem some people just can’t live without those mental training wheels. But then that brings up a whole other question: How did “miry-mir” manage to post a comment?

    Please! Don’t be a PHONE HEAD which is worse than a BONE HEAD!

  4. Captain Kirk

    It’s a nice thought and I firmly believe that mankind has an natural instinct to explore the unknown. However, when you really think about the logistics of traveling to another star, even one only 4 light years away, I don’t know if humans could ever do that. To produce the propulsion required to hit or exceed light speed… and being cramped in a small can for extended periods. Not to mention that space is a very hostile place for human life. Even the slightest thing goes wrong and it’s instant death for the passengers. I don’t think it will ever happen. Not even 4,000 or 40,000 years in the future.

  5. "gunner"

    @ captain kirk,
    regretfully, i have to agree, at least in view of present knowledge, light speed is an absolute barrier, even if we could attain it, not possible with present technology, or anything in the forseeable future, barring very radical “sci-fi” discoveries in the field of physics. however if you hear of a starship in need of a chief master at arms i’m available with my seabag packed.

  6. Jack

    The assumptions are good, but according to the Bible, we don’t have to worry about our future much longer. It is going to come fairly rapidly, when we do not expect if and soon.
    Earth was made for man and for man to exist on it. Whenever we go to another planet or moon, we must take part of our earth with us or we will not survive.

  7. theFu

    Not likely. Today, I would bet my house against anyone (alive) going to Pluto in the next 100 yrs.

    A napkin-calculation using the fastest man-made object traveling 100% the distance to the closest star requires over 4,000 years to get there. In the real world, we’d accelerate until 50% of the fuel is gone, then coast until we are the same distance from the other star as we where when our fuel ran out + safety margin.

    I write this a rocket scientist, formerly working for NASA with a Aerospace Engineering degree.

    Of course, “magic” could happen or some imaginary friend could whisk a few humans there at any point, but I don’t see that happening.

    BTW, I will not be alive in 100 yrs.

  8. Rony

    I have d power to travel Interstellarly, with current state and technology, my brain travels faster than light…he he not physically, mentally. “Humans Are Threaten To Mother Earth”., one day earth will evolve its self to hate Humans existences!!

  9. Bill B

    “Will we visit other stars?”

    Only if we do it at night…

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