Customizing the Windows “Send To” context menu is a handy trick people have employed for years to speed up their workflow. Let’s take a look at how you can edit the “Send To” menu in Windows 8 to enjoy a productivity boost.

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The Question

SuperUser reader Mondain wants to add items to his “Send To” context menu, but the technique that he used for Windows 7 doesn’t work for him in Windows 8.

I want to add an application shortcut to my Send To context menu in Windows 8; I tried the solution for Windows 7 here: How to add an item to my “Send To” context menu but it doesn’t work.

How can we do it and how does it differ from adding items in previous versions of Windows?

The Answer

SuperUser contributor Ofiris shares a “Send To” menu tip:

WinKey + R



Add your shortcut there.

Note: it might be more correct to run: shell:sendto

Ofiris’s tip covers two bases: first it shows us where the actual location of the “Send To” shortcuts are in Windows 8, but it also covers the shell:sendto command. Ofiris’s assement that it is more correct to run shell:sendto is spot on as, regardless of the version of Windows you are running, it will direct you to the appropriate folder–it’s the same technique we recommend for adding “Send To” shortcuts in Windows 7.

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