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Find a Better Place to Hide Your Xbox Next Time! [Humorous Image]

What can you really say after seeing someone do this to their Xbox?!

Someone tried to hide an Xbox in the oven [xpost/r/Gaming] [Reddit Tech-Support Gore]

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  • Published 01/29/13

Comments (13)

  1. Tek9

    At least now it has some merit now that it’s an art project.

  2. Get a LIFE!

    KEEP DOING IT! Maybe you can burn your house down too. But whatever you do, don’t worry about a product that is notoriously renowned for running just a little bit HOT from time to time. Don’t concern yourself with a company that could care less about anyone’s SAFETY or PRIVACY. Be that cool kid who burns it up, breaks it down or just plain destroys it. It’s not like you can’t get more stuff to entertain you lazy mind!

    It’s also not like there’s any shortage of Microsoft (or even Apple) customers sacrificing that almighty dollar upon the altar of idiocy either.

    The only problem I have is when I’m FORCED to use their junk which is like ALWAYS! But never with mindless games. So continue to buy, buy, buy! And be ready to say bye, bye, bye to your MONEY, your TIME and possibly even your LIFE!!! After all, there’s always a couch, TV and spare power outlet under a bridge somewhere.

    Maybe now’s a good time to GET A LIFE instead of PRETENDING to have one.

  3. ProstheticHead

    Failed attempt at reflowing? And I thought they fixed that issue with the xbox slim.

  4. Matt H

    @Get a LIFE!

    You’s trolling’

    Because if you aren’t, you’re just ignorant.

  5. Jon

    Get a life you sound like the unibomber

  6. Chris

    Wow, Get a LIFE!, you sound like an awfully bitter person. You must really hate your own life to feel the need to so quickly and eagerly lash out at others like that. Maybe it’s time to go and see a Psychologist.

  7. John

    Get a LIFE!…You really have issues men!!!

  8. bedlamb

    2 Matt H
    I had been cogitating a response. Thanks for reminding me about trolls. Looking at it from that point of view, it’s obvious. I’m just not used to trolls.

  9. ac

    @Matt H

    I don’t really think get a life was trolling. He was just being ironic and incredibly angry and bitter at the image.

    @Get a life

    Dude, relax. Don’t need to get all worked up about this. The kid who did it probs won’t even see this. And I think it’s more likely it was already broken or something beyond repair (or getting a new one was cheaper than repairing this one)before they decided to f**k with it.

  10. Mike

    PHead – LOL.

    Or maybe this is what happens when you play with a garbage bag as camo.

  11. Tboat

    Just google Australia cash oven.

  12. surivirus

    Anybody knows what happend to the box ?

    I hope this does not occur after 12h of hardcore-gaming oO

  13. Asian Angel

    @surivirus – According to the Reddit comments page the person (or people involved) hid it in an oven for some mysterious reason…

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