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Antarctica: Land of the Complicated Time Zones

If you thought the time zones in your country were a big enough hassle, you’ll find the hodgepodge of time zones observed in Antarctica an outright mess.

Although logically Antartic, situated at the Earth’s southern pole, should have a bit of each longitudinally defined time zone in it. Instead, the scarcely population continent is a patchwork quilt of time zones dependent upon which country claims territorial rights there and/or which research stations are active in each section.

Time in Antarctica [via io9]

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  • Published 01/23/13

Comments (8)

  1. shin_igami

    A big mess, indeed.

  2. ReadandShare

    Someone standing on the north or south pole can pick any time zone he or she wants and be absolutely correct. Coming to think of it, one can be in today and tomorrow as well as today and yesterday — all at once.

  3. Paul O' Sullivan

    That’s just for bases.

    Anyone traveling across Antarctica usually uses UCT.
    What’s more odd about Antarctica is that, since the treaty of the south, it is considered an act of war to use any sort of flame on the continent.

  4. fallout330

    No Kidding, Paul, amazing to hear. That is one interesting environment up there.

  5. dave

    Wouldn’t that be “down there”?

  6. Penguin

    I thought that it was agreed to by the U.N. that no country was to ever claim territory to the Antarctic. Even so, it would seem like this mess is just more testament to the bureaucratic mess any government introduces whenever it claims even temporary territory. Because logically, there should only be one time zone and it should be in accordance to the nearest country – Chile. (Seems poetic somehow too.) That’s assuming you don’t already think that the Antarctic really just has two time zones – night and day!

  7. NSDCars5

    It has only one time zone for me, and to find it out, face North and pick a country. :P

  8. Jim

    What’s the source for flame being an act or war? I think it is a rule at McMurdo base, and probably others, because of the danger of fire. I don’t think it’s an international prohibition.

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