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Solar System Exploration – Who is Visiting Who?

Are you curious about the spacecraft we have exploring other planets and moons in our solar system (excluding the Sun and Earth)? Then this awesome chart will quickly bring you up to date!

You can view the full-size version of the chart at the link below…

Solar System Exploration [Chart Geek]

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  • Published 01/23/13

Comments (5)

  1. notovny

    Chang’e 2 left lunar orbit back in mid 2011, though. Most recently, it did a flyby of near-Earth asteroid 4179 Toutatis.

  2. Bassman

    Uranus hasn’t been explored since 1986? Ha!

  3. Phil

    The chart is missing the Pioneer 10 and 11 probes which were launched before the Voyager series.

  4. Keyboard.Failure


  5. Ushindi

    My God! Remember when Sputnik was such a big deal?
    No, you probably don’t do you? “Sputnik???”

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