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Filling a Hard-Drive Partition Up Like a ‘Pro’ [Humorous Image]

Still a lot of room left on there to add more files, right?

200GB’s of WHAT?? [Reddit Tech-Support Gore]

[via Fail Desk]

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  • Published 01/17/13

Comments (16)

  1. Underbeat

    fake.. should be RED instead of BLUE when your drive is almost full

  2. srsly tho

    I cry foul too…
    Something doesn’t line up here…
    The visual style is disabled, but the colours are wrong.

  3. Chris

    I believe that’s how it looks in Windows 8

  4. Chris

    Nevermind, it looks like he turned off theme service.

  5. bazker

    Ha! Amateur. Tell me more about pro

  6. thegamer

    I’m sure that those drives are filled with lots of porn and porn.

  7. indianacarnie

    Lol, gotta admit its funny though!

  8. polobunny

    Bah that’s nothing. Work’s DNS server just got updated and somehow logging has been re-enabled on some things we disabled. Get into work one day (Tuesday I think) to see it with 0kb left out of 10GB for the C:\ drive. Good times.

    Still worked super fine though, doing its routing job and all. :P

  9. DC1

    Mayby disk cleanup of CCleaner can help here?

  10. Chris

    200GB is not that much…
    I have way more then that….

  11. tecn0tarded

    some of my builds i’ve sold with 90gb ssd with the o/s and 1tb second hard drive for storage. everyone one of them the user filled the 90gb ssd up the first week and left the 1tb completely empty. no matter how much schooling and diagrams i show them they weren’t getting it. i’ve even offered to buy one back.

  12. Дмитрий
  13. CJ

    Yep tecn0tarded, I have done that as well, it never works. No matter what you do or say, people will download/save to the default windows folders, and fill the OS drive/partition. Even if you change the windows defaults to the data drive, they get confused, make a folder on the desktop, and fill THAT.

    So I stopped trying to keep client data separate from the OS. These days my builds have 1 drive, one partition, 1TB or better. I won’t sell without a Toshiba (by preference) usb drive, for backups. I then demonstrate AND document how to backup. Then when they get a nasty malware or hard drive crash and lose all their stuff, I am not at fault.

  14. giggitypuff

    Lame.I can fill up a 3tb hdd in days.

  15. Erik

    Windows usually crashes if you go below a certain threshold of available storage space. I’ve seen this in cases where a few megabytes were available. 20 KB? I think this is fake.

  16. techd00d

    OMG… Is your DATA drive full of porn!?

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