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Shooting the Last Roll of Kodachrome [Video]

Kodacrhome, an iconic and beloved photographic film, was introduced in 1930 and discontinued in 2009. Photographer Steve McCurry had the honor of shooting the last roll of Kodachrome produced.

Watch the above video to see Steve’s travels around the world to maximize what he could capture with the last roll of his, and many photographers, favorite film.

National Geographic: The Last Roll of Kodachrome [YouTube]

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  • Published 01/14/13

Comments (6)

  1. Jim

    Momma don’t take, Momma don’t take, Momma don’t take my Kodachrome a-way-ay-ay-ay.

  2. Ushindi

    Man, I shot a lot of Kodachrome through my Minolta…

  3. Sol2999

    Its makes me remember my childhood

  4. Peter

    The thing that made Kodachrome awesome is that it was technically a black and white film. The color was added during the processing. That’s why the colors always looked so good and the film didn’t degrade over time.

  5. Stephan

    Typo in first word of the article: Kodacrhome

  6. Shasta

    Ushindi, I shot Kodachrome with my Minolta (Maxiumm) too. And the lenses are still reat on my Sony Alpha A77 today.

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