Save Screen Space in Firefox by Converting Firefox Toolbars into Buttons


Most browsers are moving towards a minimalist approach and are consolidating menus, toolbars, and other program elements. If you want to maximize the website viewing area, and you use Firefox, there is an option for optimizing the space available in your browser window.

Buttonizer is a Firefox add-on allows you to quickly convert one toolbar at a time to a button on the address bar. To install Buttonizer, go to the Buttonizer page on the Mozilla Add-ons site using the link at the end of this article. Click the Add to Firefox button.


The Software Installation dialog box displays. Click Install Now.

NOTE: Depending on your settings, there may be a short countdown on the Install button before you can click it.


Once the add-on is installed, a popup window displays asking you to restart Firefox to finish the installation. Click Restart Now.


Once Firefox restarts, you’ll see the Buttonizer button on the right side of the Address bar. Right-click the button to see a list of toolbars that can be converted to a button. Select a toolbar from the list.

NOTE: Only one toolbar at a time can be converted to a button.


The selected toolbar closes. Hover the mouse over the Buttonizer button to access the toolbar you “buttonized.”


To view a convert a different toolbar as a button, simply right-click on the Buttonizer button and select another toolbar. The previously selected toolbar displays again and the newly selected toolbar closes and is available on the Buttonizer button.

To view all toolbars as toolbars again, select Reset from the menu.


Install Buttonizer from

Buttonizer is a very simple add-on, but it can be useful if you’re short on screen space.

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