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Amazon Rolls Out AutoRip; Free MP3s of All Your Purchased Music

If you’ve bought a CD on Amazon anytime between 1998 and today, you can enjoy a free MP3 copy of that music courtesy of Amazon’s new program: AutoRip. Read on to see how it works.

Today Amazon launched AutoRip, a new music service tied to their CloudPlayer and cloud-based storage service. If you’ve ever purchased a CD on Amazon that CD has been automatically imported, in MP3 format, into your Amazon cloud storage. Simply log into your Amazon account and visit your CloudPlayer to see all the imported music. If the AutoRip feature is something you’d like to take a advantage of for future purchases with Amazon, look for these logos while browsing albums:

You can read more about AutoRip at the announcement below.

Introducing AutoRip [Amazon]

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  • Published 01/11/13

Comments (6)

  1. LadyFitzgerald

    Thanks for the heads up! Any CDs I’ve bought in the past I’ve already ripped but for future purchases, this will save me a bunch of time since Amazons mp3s are usually high quality and reasonably well tagged (I usally have to do all of the tagging when I rip CDs since downloaded tags are usually inaccurate). I often buy CDs even when mp3 downloads are available to get the jacket art and info.

  2. KB Prez

    LOVE this! Thanks Geek for letting us know.

  3. teresa

    thank you never would have know. I really have music from a cd I bought in 2007.

  4. Phil

    Sounds a very useful development. Any news on when this comes to

  5. Evan

    Now if only they would do this with books.

  6. Jason Fitzpatrick

    @Evan: Man, I wish. I’d love to have free digital copies of all the books I’ve purchased from Amazon over the last 10+ years.

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