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Chewing Gum is not Recommended for Repairing CD Drives [Humorous Image]

You will see a bit of anything and everything tried at least once if you work in IT long enough…

Customer used gum to repair cd drive [Reddit Tech-Support Gore]

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  • Published 01/11/13

Comments (9)

  1. LadyFitzgerald

    Whatever works.

  2. Asian Angel

    @LadyFitzgerald – Only until it gets all “gooey -melty” from the laptop’s heat and turns into a nasty, stretchy mess! ~_^

  3. LadyFitzgerald

    Then it’s not working and whatever works no longer applies.

  4. paulc

    There was a recording from an IT Desk…

    Caller – “Hi got a couple of problems with computer that I ordered from you”
    Rep – “Really sorry to hear that sir, can you tell me what the problem are and order number of the computer ?”
    Caller – “Order number is ******, the problem is that I ordered the computer with a CD Rom (yeh many years ago).
    Rep – “Sorry sir, we’ll sort that out, the build sheet does show that one was installed, dont worry we’ll have an engineer out to install one for you tomorrow (yeh many years ago when an engineer would do house calls!). What was the other problems Sir?
    Caller – “My automatic cup holder is broken”

    And yes this did happen, a common saying amongst engineers was ‘PIBCAC’
    Problem is Between Chair And Computer

  5. stricnin

    We called that an ID10T failure.

  6. Lolz

    Then whatever floats his/her boat @LadyFitzGerald

  7. krokkenoster

    I have seen on lift trucks that a 6mm bolt is a good replacement for a 10 Amp fuse so gum was also used to insulate a burning Lucas 17C alternator only this worked in a fasion. We must create a site that all service engineers can put their stories so that all can join and share the fun

  8. arkwright

    Hi krokkenoster, there is a site where you can add your stories.

    A litany of pain

  9. paulc


    Like it, however how many times can you tell a customer the fault is ID10T instead of ‘I’m sorry sir, its a common fault known as PIBCAC.
    One guy I knew told a customer to ‘please take the computer and re-pack it in the box it came in, the customer said ‘is it faulty?’ the guy said ‘No, not at all its working perfectly, its just that you are so thick you shouldn’t own a computer’.
    Unfortunately the conversation was recorded, he did loose his job, he was promoted, started working out of Holland with lots of perks for IBM.

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