If you use extensively customized applications by installing extensions, scripts, etc.. and like to take it around wherever you go or just like to carry a bunch of applications everywhere you go then PortableApps is the perfect solution.

PortableApps software can be installed on any flash storage, this includes, iPod, Flash Drives, Mp3 Players, Portable Media Players, etc.. Once installed, using PortableApps you can install and run other softwares like, OpenOffice, Firefox, VLC Player, etc.. from your portable storage drive.

The best part is that it works just like your desktop application and saves all your settings and preferences.

Setting Up PortableApps

First I’ll quickly run you through the installation steps of PortableApps on your external storage drive, followed by the steps of installing other applications using PortableApps

Download ProtableApps application. Run the applications once the download is complete.

Hit Next…

portableapps.com wizard start

Click Browse and select the destination

portableapps.com choose destination folder

I am installing PortableApps on my Archos (Portable Media Device) in a directory named “Data”. Installation path is F:/Data/. Once you select the installation directory, click “OK” and “Install

portable apps choose directory

Installation of PortableApps on your external storage device is complete, click “Finish” to launch the application from the external drive.

portableapps launch

This is what it will look like. On the right side of the menu you see directories like Documents, Music, Pictures, etc.. which can be used just as the directories you see on your windows menu.

portableapps start screen

Now click on “Options” and “Install a New App” to install an application on your external storage.

portableapps install a new app

I will be installing the Portable Version of Firefox, which can be downloaded here. Do notice the extension “.paf.exe” as applications only with this extension can be installed using PortableApps. Click to see a list of PortableApps compatible applications.

portableapps select paf

Once you select the installation exe (.paf.exe), click next and select the destination directory

portableapps install firefox

Select the installation dirctory, remember it has to be on your external storage drive (F: in this case). I installed it under PortableApps direcotry. Click “Install” and “Finish” to complete the installation.

portableapps install firefox choose install

Launch the PortableApps menu again, you’ll find the icon on the task bar.

As you see in the image below “Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition” is visible.

portableapps launch firefox

Similarly I have installed OpenOffice and VLC Media Player portable on my portable media player.

portableapps firefox and openoffice

That was easy isn’t it? It’s a good utility which lets you carry your must-have applications around without carrying a laptop or another similar device.

Download Portableapps from portableapps.com

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