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Why it Sucks to be the IT Person

Remember to always, ALWAYS appreciate your IT people…

Why it Sucks to be the IT Guy [infographic] [via Graph Jam – Cheezburger]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 01/2/13

Comments (18)

  1. Geek Out

    Seems like you’re preaching to the choir here. I mean, are there any non “nerds” (“geeks”) who visit this site?!

  2. ekma

    @Geek Out – probably not…my non-geek friends have never heard of this site………….

  3. NM

    The word “geek” in “” scares some people away, and some I know.

  4. lumia

    That feels when being an IT guy and reading this.

  5. ismail

    this article is so true and well written, I am currently in that position. The worse is when you tell them reboot and they reply “I have rebooted a million times”, but as soon as I do it for them it works!

  6. gyffes

    Today, a user was INSISTING that I once showed her a fancy key command to do something the system can’t — and never could — do. Would. Not. Be. Denied.

    I finally just walked away. Saved us both, that way.

  7. NSDCars5

    Wha- I feel like I’m the only IT guy in my whole school. All my friends are “Lazy”s or “Talker”s.

  8. Juergen

    @ismail – 1:38
    YES! YES! YES!

  9. Sam Hwang

    Kind of a dumb infograph IMO. Every IT guy I’ve met who isn’t terrible at their job seems to really love their career. It can be somewhat monotonous and boring but that’s true for any stable position.

  10. julian

    At my place of work the IT security is set up so your computer can’t even do automatic Word updates. Every single little update or installation needs the IT guy to come.
    I just gave up and use my laptop, and only turn on the PC when I need to print (because of course they won’t let me print from my laptop).

  11. Victor Biedrycki

    Been involved with computers in one way or another since 1974! I could write a book on users. But I learned two things. If computers didn’t break and some users weren’t idiots then they wouldn’t need IT people. And since neither of them is going to change soon I will have a needed skill for a LONG time.

  12. JahPickney

    For the record, I’m a non-geek who loves this site. Of course I’m surely part of a vast minority ;)

  13. k4rizmz

    Being in IT has its up and downs but those Lazy’s are such a pain! To deal with them I’ve created KB articles for common problems and when they send me “not working” tickets I just send them links. Seems most of them have gotten the hint ;)

    I can get away from the talkers pretty easy by telling them I have a lot on my plate and need to wrap things up (politely of course).

    The only thing that is missing on here are what happens during sick days and when offsite work is needed . Aka “EVERYONE CALL IT” day’s.

  14. Woody

    You are not the only nongeek here. I am and enjoy the site even learn some things when I can understand what the H**l they are talking about.

  15. WildCat

    Is the reason the ID-10-T ( eye-dee-ten-tee ) error was invented I believe?!?! ;)

  16. Sloss

    I’m another non ‘Geek’ who loves this site – keep it up!

  17. LadyFitzgerald

    And yet another geek chimes in. If I was a geek, I wouldn’t need this site.

  18. Doberz

    I just got my first IT job.. It may be boring, and there may be days were I’m expected to more then humanly possible. But.. After working at Pizza Hut for two years, this job is amazing. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to REALLY see what you have and appreciate it.

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