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How to Clean Up the List of Apps that Have Access to Your Accounts


Facebook, Twitter, Google, Dropbox, and all the other web services out there can be accessed by various applications and other services. Here’s a couple of links that you can use to quickly remove anything that has access.

Your Google Account


Perhaps the most important of your accounts is your Gmail or Google account. You can use the following link to see every app and service that has access to your account. Once there, you’ll see a list like the picture above, which you can quickly clean up if you so choose.

Your Facebook Account

Visit this link to access your Facebook settings page, where you’ll see a list of everything that can access your account. Click the X next to any app or site to delete it.

Windows Live (Hotmail, Messenger, etc)

This link does the same as the rest, just for Windows Live.


There’s a lot of apps that can use the Dropbox API, and you should clean up this list.


You’ll be surprised how many apps have access to your Twitter account. Time to prune that list.

Yahoo, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, Foursquare, and Flickr

For all the rest, you can go to and click the icon directly from their page to get to the settings page for that app.

Start off with a Clean 2016 (updated) with MyPermissions

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  • Published 01/1/13

Comments (6)

  1. srsly tho

    Thanks for that.

  2. Akshata

    Signed in for Unsubscriber for yahoo mail (an app from other inbox). And just can’t opt out. I removed access settings for application in yahoo account settings. But it always come back and delete my useful emails. Pure nuisance. Thinking about closing that yahoomail account.

  3. Seth

    Great info. My Facebook list was longer than I would have hoped.

  4. Steve Hoffman

    Can you (once again) tell s how to check the start up programs that runs every time we start up the computer please. I have a might fast computer that has slowed down tremendously over the past 6-8 months. You’ve done this before but can’t remember where I stored it. Thanks

  5. cam2644

    Useful info. Too many people don’t bother about security until a big problem hits them in the face.Just because you like an app doesn’t mean that you should have blind faith in it. It’s not personal-it’s big business for them.

  6. lesle

    Thanks, HTG! Most useful article.

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