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The Helical Model – Our Solar System is a Vortex [Video]

This video animation takes a look at a different model for how our solar system moves through space…the Helical Model. Whether you agree or disagree it does make for interesting watching…

The helical model – our solar system is a vortex [via BoingBoing]

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  • Published 12/28/12

Comments (14)

  1. Besquigit


  2. James O'Brien

    An interesting video, but it is not complete. And therefore it is miss-leading. The video would have the viewer believe that our solar system is rocketing out into deep space like a rifle ball. This is not true, our solar system orbits the Milky way galaxy roughly every 250 million years.

    However, it is true that the Milky way galaxy is moving rapidly through space, and with it, our solar system.

    Cool video though. Thanks

  3. Ron

    “Moves through space at 70,000kph” referenced to what? All motion is relative. Moreover, some folks over at claim that this video is wrong, that the sun is NOT moving along one of its poles as it orbits the galaxy, but in a line that’s parallel to the ecliptic. How does THAT fit with your “life is vortexes” pseudo-scientific gobblety gook?

  4. Spaced Out

    @ James O’Brien & Ron,

    You are right. The sun is NOT moving in some indiscriminate straight line. The sun is orbiting the center of the Milky Way. But once you realize that what you saw was probably only about 1/250th section of the suns orbit around the Milky Way (about a million years!), this video does point out in an exaggerated fashion a pretty good hypothesis. It would probably also be more accurate if the planetary orbits weren’t depicted as being perfectly circular too. So the question seems to be whether you believe in the helical movement of everything through space as depicted, or in a more traditional flat plane orbit or everything with the sun at the center. (Also remember I did say “seems”.)

    I personally think what’s happening is a combination of both. I tend to agree with the helical hypothesis as depicted since it’s really just highlighting the fact that the sun is also moving in a 3D universe but at a much slower rate in relation to anything else we can observe. Remember! Each single orbit of the earth you saw in that video was equal to one whole year of time. Besides, the very idea that our solar system is in some sort of 2D static “flat” plane sort of smarts back to the middle ages and earlier when more than a few people also thought that the earth was flat.

    I’m just surprised that no one brought up other solar systems which may be influencing each other or even Mandelbrot! Because even the Mandelbrot series exhibits something of a helix too – and it’s all pure math!

  5. krokkenoster

    Honestly will it make such a difference? everything is relative in Nature this is an argument on the Net between people that want to impress the ignorant in looking silly. The maths JUST SHOW IT IS NOT BY “CHANCE” but that a Creator a Googal times more clever and wise than any of us created this

  6. mikmik

    A tornado is a vortex. I am disappointed. I thought it was something real. I suppose if I was swinging a few yo-yos, or whatever, while I walked, that’s a vortex? Perhaps you could say that the solar system is corkscrewing through space if, as Ron pointed out, the plane of the planetary orbits is perpendicular to the direction of the system’s travel. The Sun ‘drags’ the planets with it through space?
    Pseudo scientificulousness in the most fashionable gobble-de-gook language, for the modern Atlantean. I feel my aura being drained of cosmic life force as we speak.

  7. StevenTorrey

    Krokennoster–always being a fan of the Supreme Deity–for obvious reasons–let us spell GOOGOL correctly–and yes–this is the correct spelling… thanks to a guick google to google up googol’s correct spelling…

  8. Ushindi

    Regardless of all the Einsteinian wanna-be comments (as usual), it WAS an interesting new look at the subject of our system’s motion, whether we agree with it or not. Thanks.

  9. mhenriday

    I just hope that Deepak Chopra doesn’t get ahold of this and run with it ! The author doesn’t seem to understand Galilean frames of reference, much less relativistic ones. And what does it mean to say that «the Solar system is part of Life» ?…

    But I must admit that the video, in all its pretentiousness, was fun to watch….


  10. LaFleur

    Thanks for the link. Probably wouldn’t have found this otherwise. I’ll be looking forward to the author’s promised expanded view updates. Also, anyone care to guess which way the helix is moving, North or South?


    I should have read the comments first. Right away I see a dizzy sperm cell looking for something, anything to land on. God has definetly created human beings a wierd way. I suppose the egg is Jupiter or Mars. Who knows? Those tiny little round lights whirling around are future kids. Maybe it’s you. I want to be Elvis. What do you think? Anyway I’m going to the beach to smoke pot and drink beer with my brother.

  12. bedlam

    Theoretically, all motion is relative to all else. I believe that there is one non-motion spot, I call the stillness, relative to which everything else moves. Another name for the stillness, is ‘Al’s Mom’.

    You’re fast becoming one of my favorite facets of HTG.

    2 HTG
    As always, thanx.

  13. Jack

    I knew about this but I have never sen a picture of it. I believe the earth is moving in about 6 different directions at the same time but it would not figure in this version of the suns movement through space. a galactic version would complicate it considerably – – – with a reference point, of course. like – – – where is north in outer space??? And what is time out there; is it in terms of how many times the earth goes around the sun???


    Es espectacular, para los incrédulos esto tan real, que la tierra se mueve alderredor de su eje a 1.642 k/h alderredor del sol a 13.486 k/h, el sol y su sistema a 70.000 k/h alderredor del centro de nuestra galaxia y nuestra Galaxia gira alderredor de otro centro a 800.000 k/h y lo mas increíble pero cierto es que igualmente somos hacia adentro,nuestros organismos funcionan igual, las moléculas, los protones, neutrones y pare de contar

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