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Keeping a Computer Tower Cool the Easy Way [Image Set]

A lack of proper airflow will definitely not be a problem with this computer tower…

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You can view a multitude of images for the PVC Computer Tower in its final and early incarnations along with a parts list at the Envador link below.

PVC Pipe Computer Tower – [via There I Fixed It – Cheezburger Network]

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  • Published 12/14/12

Comments (10)

  1. indianacarnie

    Cool I’m sure…… but quiet? :)

  2. ColJackboot


  3. paulc

    Another place to keep my beer cool!

  4. Rick S

    That big fan wouldn’t have to turn very fast to cool that thing. I bet it is quiet.

  5. Yak-Yuk

    I bet the dust bunnies that show up are on some serious steroids!

  6. Robert

    I have used a similar method. I just removed a side panel and directed the airflow from a small cyclone fan into the interior. It worked great and the fan I used was very quiet and quite cheap to purchase. The CPU temperature always stayed below 42 degrees centigrade even on the hottest days and with the most graphics intense games. Just be sure to use a small vacuum to remove the dust regularly.

  7. jeepmanjr

    I love it!! Gives me a few ideas of my own. Shoulda painted an alien on there somewhere to keep the whiners at bay. LOL!! Good job man! A fellow tinkerer!!

  8. CrimsonEclipse

    this is a 12 year old picture.

    Look at the Slot processor, likely an old Athlon

  9. Riker

    Yep. I had to add a big box fan this summer. I have no air conditioning and I use my tower for computer management classes. I even re-drilled the case air vent holes to twice their size because the hottest days caused crashes.

  10. Riker

    @ CrimsonEclipse Um maybe. Mine is 12 years old, too. Can’t afford a replacement until I graduate AND get a job in the field.

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