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The Ultimate Nexus 7 Troubleshooting Guide: 6 Potential Problems and How to Fix Them


Have you had any issues with your Nexus 7? We’ve run into quite a few problems and fixed them all – from bad performance and touch-screen responsiveness issues to tablets that won’t power on and separating screens.

Some of these problems may not be common – or may be fixed with newer hardware or software updates — but they’re all problems we’ve run into. We’ve collected the solutions here so you don’t have to dig through forum posts.

Bad Performance After Upgrading to Android 4.2

The Android 4.2 upgrade severely bogged down the performance of one of our Nexus 7s, making everything from opening apps, swiping across screens, and loading web pages take longer.

It’s unclear why this happened – some rumors suggest it may have been because the Nexus 7 in question was rooted – but there was a simple fix. Performing a factory reset set the Nexus 7 back to its factory state and fixed its performance problems, even after it was rooted and the same apps were installed.

To perform a factory reset, open the Settings screen, tap Backup & reset, and tap Factory data reset.


Touchscreen Responsiveness Problems

At one point, a Nexus 7 seemed to have a faulty touch sensor. When touching the screen – for example, when scrolling up and down a web page – the Nexus 7 stopped responding to touch input. The touch sensor wasn’t completely broken – when swiping, the Nexus 7 would often detect the first half of the swipe, but not the second.

The cause of this problem was Google Currents – a preinstalled app – automatically syncing in the background. To prevent this from happening, open the Currents app, tap the menu button, tap Settings and uncheck the Enable background sync option.


if you have any performance issues at all, ensure Google Currents isn’t syncing in the background. You should also ensure that other apps aren’t constantly syncing data in the background.

Tablet Won’t Power On or Charge

If your Nexus 7 appears completely frozen and won’t power on or even charge, the most obvious solution is to pull the battery and reinsert it. However, the Nexus 7 doesn’t have a user-serviceable battery.

Instead of pulling the battery, hold down the power button for 30 seconds straight. You may have tried holding down the power button already – but you won’t see any results until you hold it down for the entire 30 seconds. This process fixed a Nexus 7 that refused to turn on or charge.


Screen Separation

We’re not sure how common this issue is – hopefully quality control has improved and screen separation is no longer a problem on the latest Nexus 7s – but we had a few Nexus 7s that suffered from screen separation. (Not sure if your device suffers from screen separation? Press on the top-left side. If there’s a spongy feeling and a creak, the screen is separating from the device – it should be solid.)

This is the sort of fix that could technically void your warranty. If you have this issue, you may want to see about getting a replacement from Google.

That said, you can fix this problem pretty well yourself. If you Google this problem, you’ll find all sorts of potential solutions. After trying several of them, we found that the best solution is creating and inserting your own washers. This prevents some of the screws from going in all the way and pressing on the screen. (This may mean Asus used screws that were a bit too long – oops!)

This step-by-step how-to with photos over at XDA Developers is excellent and will walk you through the process. It’s fairly easy to get the Nexus 7’s back off – a guitar pick or strong enough thumbnail can do it.


Screen Flicker

Your Nexus 7’s screen may flicker at low-light conditions, which is most noticeable when viewing a mostly-white screen. For example, at 10% brightness with open, you may see flicker. This seems to be related to Wi-Fi – some people have even reported it happens more often when the tablet has a weak wireless signal.

if you’re experiencing flicker, there are several workarounds you can try. Setting your display brightness higher and disabling auto-brightness is one trick, although this will reduce battery life in low-light conditions.

However, many people have also reported disabling Wi-Fi optimization removes the flicker. To do so, open the Settings screen, tap Wi-Fi, tap the menu button, tap Advanced, and uncheck Wi-Fi optimization. Of course, this will also impact battery life.


Washed Out Colors After Watching a Video

The Nexus 7 uses “NVIDIA PRISM Display Technology” to decrease the backlight and increase contrast and color situation while you watch videos. This saves power – because the backlight doesn’t have to go full-blast – but it has a problem. After you watch a video, you may find that everything on your screen still appears in over-saturated, “washed out”-looking colors. NVIDIA PRISM should automatically restore the default color settings after you finish watching the video, but it doesn’t always seem to.

To temporarily fix this problem, press the power button to turn the display off and then press the power button again to turn it back on. This will solve the problem until you finish watching the next video.


To fix this permanently, you may want to try disabling NVIDIA PRISM – bear in mind that this will decrease your battery life while watching videos. There are several ways you can do this, and they all require root access. You’ll find instructions for fixing it by manually running a command or some scripts over at XDA Developers. There’s also a paid NVidia Tegra PRISM Toggle app on Google Play.

Have you had any other issues with your Nexus 7? Feel free to share them – and the fixes you’ve found – in the comments.

If you have any other software issues, try using safe mode or performing a factory reset.

The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

Chris Hoffman is a technology writer and all-around computer geek. He's as at home using the Linux terminal as he is digging into the Windows registry. Connect with him on Google+.

  • Published 12/17/12

Comments (89)

  1. Peter

    Am I so so glad I went for my Blackberry Playbook instead of this tablet…

  2. nickro

    lol ^ That guy is a dumbass.

  3. Jermy

    Never had a single one of these issues.
    And Nickro is correct.

  4. john jordan

    I agrre with jermy, I too have not had an issue and anybody with a blackberry is truly a dumbass………

  5. Paul Silvan

    I’ve had minor problems with mine which were not mentioned in this article. I am unable to get the Google calendar to sync to my account. When I try to add or edit an event an error message comes up and tells me that no calendar is added. When I add an account it informs me that the account already exists. Third party calendar apps all see and sync with my google account flawlessly. Only the pre-installed calendar has this problem.


  6. RHG

    No issues at all after a month of service and all updates.
    Nickro is absolutly right!
    @ Paul Silvan- I left mine alone for a day or so and it began to sync on it’s own following the rest of the Google services.

  7. NickroIsRight

    I’ve not had any of these issues yet, my ex-tablet a playbook stopped charging after less than a year, its now a very heavy paper weight, the nexus7 is much better imho.

  8. James Ferguson

    Not displaying correct word when searching using Google Now. Searching for the same word using Google Now on my Samsung Nexus, the correct word is displayed.

  9. Chewy

    I had four Nexus 7s sent back because they had screen lift. I was insistent that until Google got me a working tablet, I’d keep making them spend money on shipping.

    My fifth one is working wonderfully. I love it, much more than the Blackberry Playbook I had before it. (I got the Playbook for free, sold it for $160, and came off with a $50 Nexus 7. Be jealous!) There’s actually good tablet apps available for it, it’s fast, and it’s beautiful.

    However, the Playbook with Nexus 7’s software would be optimal, given that THIS one has the WiFi flicker issue (and I failed at fixing it using the tape-on-the-antenna method). Thanks for the tip on the WiFi Optimization setting; I hope it works better!

  10. Ken S

    You should have mentioned the Bluetooth audio issues. Trying to play music from Pandora or any streaming service to a Bluetooth speaker or car system (Jambox, Kenwood, etc.) has gone from wonderful to a skip and stutter mess.

    This has been reported repeatedly on the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy Nexus phone

  11. Diana H

    I am so glad to read all of these informative comments; however, I already have a
    Nexus 7 coming in the mail this week. I hope it works well; I got a steal of a deal on
    “Ebay” that I could not resist! The Ipad Mini was just too expensive for my budget.
    I will report on my findings….. Diana.

  12. TheEducationalGeek

    I only experienced the touch screen slowness due to Google Currents synching. Turned that background synching off and it’s great now! Love my Nexus 7!!

  13. EightBitsShort

    The screen separation fix is awesome!!! Before I tried fixing it just by tightening the screws but the screen would loosen up and separate after some time. The pill blister washers really work. It’s been days now, and my screen hasn’t separated again anymore.

  14. Soopaflyguy

    If you own a Blackberry Playbook (or Fisher Price tablet as it is also known) then why are you reading about the Nexus 7 fixes?
    Shouldn’t you be watching a Flash movie or something?

  15. Simon

    The only problem I’ve had is the post video screen washout. However, this corrects itself in just a few seconds after playback ends so I can live with that. Overall, a great tablet!

  16. brittney

    thank you thankyou sooo much. I thought i got a bad nexus thank you for the help.

  17. Steven

    Hi guys, i’ve just got my nexus 7 3G recently. However, I’m getting occasional screen blackout while actively using it. Pressing power button brings the screen on, but I’m not able to unlock by swiping. Any of u facing same symptoms?

  18. Steven

    Basic info: android jellybean 4.2.1, not rooted,
    My guesses on the causes:Multiuser, gyroscope defect (as rotating might also cause screen locking )

    Any advice will be great.

  19. jeanette

    My nexus intermittently won’t turn on. I hold down power button for 30 + seconds. didn’t work I’d hold it down for at least a minute and it still won’t power on. It takes hours later and many tries later for it to come on. It didn’t come on at all yesterday, I just gave up on it.

  20. STG

    Got a Nexus 7 for my husband for Christmas. He opened it today & it’s completely dead out of the box. Tried charging for many hours, tried pushing the power button for 30 seconds several times, etc. All I get is vague white snow. I’m so furious! Now I have to deal with the whole RMA process.

  21. chrissie

    I am having the same problem with the screen blacking out then I cannot unlock it. I enter my password but it immediately blacks out again. Any advice much appreciated.

  22. Chriss

    Mine is 1 day old ….. Won’t charge at all…..I am so sad……I do love it even though I can only use it plugged in. I have tried all the suggestions.

  23. petrina

    Have you found a way to stop the nexus screen blackout and trying to enter password or swipe to get it going again? My daughters is doing it a lot and its obviously not right as my other daughters is fine. Any help would be great fully appreciated. X

  24. Jaime

    I bought four nexus 7 for Christmas gifts. My son’s only worked for a day. It shut down on him while he was playing a game. Now it will not power on at all. We’ve let it charge for over 24 hours now and still nothing. Very bummed! Now I have to make a trip into town and pray they will replace it.

  25. Al

    Hi ; Brought my wife one almost a month ago & this morning it wouldn’t power up,after the 30 sec hold it powered up. I’m glad i purchased an extended warranty plan,if this becomes an on going problem (powering up) i.ll tell her to return/exchange it & go from there i guess, Thanks for the info!

  26. Amy A

    My daughter has a new nexus that is two days old and has started blacking out very frequently. If anyone learns of a solution, please post. Thank you.

  27. Chriss

    I took mine back and they ate getting me a replacement. I will let you know the outcome. My daughter has one and NO TROUBLE AT ALL.

  28. Chriss

    I took mine back and they are getting me a replacement. I will let you know the outcome. My daughter has one and NO TROUBLE AT ALL.

  29. petrina

    Took mine back to shop and they advised me to take tablet out of case. This totally solved the problem of screen blackout and not being able to input password. Luckily the nexus actually did the problem in the shop. Very simple fix. Hope this helps others. X

  30. carole

    My screen keeps going black. I press the on button, the screen appears but disappears right away. I have to power off completely. Is there a solution?

  31. carole

    My screen keeps going black. I press the on button, the screen appears but disappears right away. I have to power off completely. Is there a solution? Please advise

  32. Paul Beresford

    After 5 days the screen has now died. Holding down the power button for minutes rather than 30 seconds doesn’t work either. Looking on the internet it appears this is a common problem. I expected more from this device.

  33. Shehu

    Hi. Got my Nexus 7 a week ago but I’v not been able to use it. It’s not connecting 2 wifi & mobile network despite showing the signal. Can’t browse neither can I open play store. It’s frustrating!

  34. Allen G

    Got my wife for X-mas and she loves it. however, running into an issue where having the unit on in area where there is no wi-fi signal and then entering an area where there is a wi-fi signal, although the unit recognizes the signal and strength (which is excellant right next to my router), the unit doesn’t connect to the internet. I have tried different apps, google, facebook, etc. any suggestions?

  35. Jacs

    I bought 2 nexus 7 from google play for christmas presents for my kids. one has a jack problem whereby you plug headphones in and it only comes out of one ear. the other the speakers have blown. the noise is shocking. getting that sorted with google play has been a problem. took 7 days for them tofinally say they will replace but will have to put a hold charge on my cc in case i don’t send them back. In two minds whether to get my money back – don’t want the same problems again or a different problem. never going to purchase from online store again. face to face is much better and quicker.

  36. jenny

    Recently, my nexus will lock while I’m using it. When I unlock it, it will lock instantly. This repeats for a few minutes before going back to normal.
    If anyone can give me some tips is clues, I would really appreciate it.

  37. JDM

    This article is great, i was able to fix my no power/not turning on issue by holding down the power button for 30s. But now i am having the same issues Chrissie is having with the screen blacking out then I cannot unlock it. I enter my password but it immediately blacks out again.

  38. James Bell

    Got a 32g for xmas off wife and all was well for the first couple of days . I loved it , then it started opening up new windows while on internet and typing random letters . Reset it and after a day it all started doing the same thing again as wel as while on home screen jumping back and forth between screens . Any Ideas anybody ????????

  39. barbara

    hi there,
    very helpful – this platform here!! I love the nexus7, but also have a problem. when I google a concept – it does not open the second website, but shows the page just for a short momement and jumps back to the original google page. Always opens the first page – no problem – but does not allow to open a second page behind….
    anybody has an idea??

    anybody knows about this problem? i bought the nexus in Taipeh, but now I am back in Tokyo

  40. Pringle

    Similar issues to previous emails. My Nexus 7 powers off during use (even fully charged) and then the unlock facility does not let me in. I see a glimpse of the page then it locks again.
    Within one hour we had 35 faults.
    Supports said to check latest IOS version 4.2.1 and then perform a factory reboot and then if that failed to return to Play.
    The software was the latest version and the reboot improved nothing so I’m now sending back via their RMA process. The 48 hr. turn-around is 4 days and counting.

  41. kadrak

    After about two months of use, suddenly apps are closed and the first (lock) screen appears. Any attempt to open any app flashes the selected page for an instant, then the lock screen returns. Resetting the Nexus may or may not allow an app to be I opened, but soon reverts to the same situation. Is there a way to fix this?

  42. Ashara

    Boyfriend bought my nexus 7 right before Christmas and right away we had the power button issue. Few weeks later we now have the lock screen issue. Maybe I should have gotten a kindle HD or Samsung after all.

  43. barbara

    obviously a major issue Asus/google has to correct rapidly not to loose the overall positive mood! I will try the reboot first!

  44. barbara

    somebody told me that if a second page does not open this could be a virus, a bug of an app, ..than the reboot must bring a ch ange. I will test and report

  45. Martin Gannon

    Thanks for the tip on starting the nexus 7 it worked like a charm

  46. pam

    the power thing didn’t work for my husband’s nexus 7. held the power button for way over 30 seconds and all it does is flicker lines of “white”.

  47. kadrak

    I’m wondering if the small magnets located in the outside edges of the cover I am using could be responsible for the problem I’m having with the Nexus returning to the home page persistently.

  48. Scott

    My nexus 7 went dead wouldn’t turn on read things about plug into wall an volume at same time, this didn’t work came to this site read about it held down power but for 30 sec an came on , so thanks for the info worked great

  49. george

    i have a new nexus problem is when i connect the battery charger my nexus starts up i close it down then soon as i connect charger again it starts up again. such a pain any ideas

  50. Barbie

    Exchanged my tablet I got 4 x-mas for a nexus 7. I have only had for 2wks and tonight the start up/no charging issue started. Tried ur advice, but no success. within 30 days, so I can still exchange…LOVE my nexus 7 though, AWESOME!!

  51. Stephanie

    After several weeks of use, my tablet ran out of battery and powered down. I plugged it into the OEM charger and came back a couple hours later. It was only at 5%! It immediately powered of again. I left it overnight, and in the morning it was at 29%. Not only that, but half my screen is now defective, washed-out and showing a burned-in image from the prior screen. Other people are describing the same problem though I seem unique in having it only happen to the left side of my screen:

    It’s been perfect until today, but I guess it has to go back. Since it’s really just a toy, not something I need, I’m considering just taking a refund.

    Btw, power off problems may be caused by a poorly designed case – the magnets need shielding.

    I had the headphones only playing in one speaker issue, too, but a quick Google search solved the problem: push the plug in all the way! It did require more force than you’d expect.

  52. teresa

    Thanks so much for the tip regarding a nonresponsive tablet. Holding down the power button for thirty seconds did the trick.

  53. FanceeFree

    Thought I was going to have to send it in. Thank you for the good fix!

  54. Maria

    Omg thank you so much!! My tablet has been dead and unresponsive for days and everywhere else was saying to press the power button and the volume down button but it wasn’t working. Held it down for 30seconds and came on straight away. Life saver!! :D

  55. josh

    I cracked my screen recently, and above the main scratch in the top right corner, I can’t click anything

  56. Cindy

    I LOVE my Google Nexus and have had it since last July. Haven’t had a single problem until now and THANK YOU for putting up these fixes! The tablet wouldn’t power up and your quick tip solved my issue in a jiffy. Thanks again!

  57. V

    Received a Nexus 7 jelly bean 32 gig for a Christmas present because my loving family was sick of me looking at my iPhone. January 15….audio jack inoperable, some sound, no sound, crackled sound, no receipt Sam’s Club = screwed. So wanted an iPad for so many reasons the extra $100 would have been worth this aggravation Not even 30 days and I have a product worth ??

  58. yvette

    My nexus 7 battery connection comes unconnected. When it won’t charge or snow background I pop the back off and connect battery.

  59. Aaron Bolden

    Hi I have a nexus 7 and have owned it since Christmas and I plugged it up today to charge it and have a blank screen I have tried the reset and didn’t work what else can I do ……..? Please help!!:-)

  60. Jon

    Great site. Thanks for the 30 sec power button advice. I thought I had tried that but until you set a timer you don’t realize how long 30 secs is when holding down a button. Powered up and is good as new.

  61. joe

    Got the nexus 7 tablet from my dad at christmas and its awesome. While on vacation my tablet shuts off and will not power up. I tried pluvging it in to the wall and the screen light comes on but refuses to power up. I unplugged ot and put it away and later i pluvged my tablet to the wall charger and thin white linez sometimes flicker and disappear. Now i have tried holding the power button for 30 seconds but nothing happe.s and i will keep trying im just wonxeri.g if anyone has any other ideas please.

  62. jackie

    I’m having the no charge, freeze, won’t turn on problem…tried holding button for 30 seconds. Tried start and volume down button to get reboot screen, get reboot fail and lock status when I get that screen. I think I’ve tried everything and frustrated because I bought this tablet because another LG model I had was really bad…I’ve had google tab almost 2 months and I loved it. I’m out of the country for work and rely on this for reading, games, etc. Any suggestions?

  63. Vlad G

    Doing a factory reset (open the Settings screen, tap Backup & reset, and tap Factory data reset) worked for me! Thanks for the suggestion.

  64. Harrison

    Thanks a ton for this post! i was having issues with the boot-up after a complete battery drain and this worked like a charm.

    Also, anyone with a blackberry anything at this day in age is indeed a dumbass.

  65. bryan pears

    My pc charges but doesnt recognise it so I can’t move files from one to another
    doesanyone else have this problem

  66. Ian

    Just had the issue with the Nexus not powering on – holding the power on switch in for 30 seconds did the trick – thanks.

  67. Tanvir alam

    I could not resist thanking the writer, just saved my life. I bought this just a day earlier, and it was not powering on at all, holding for nearly 30 second brought that back

    Thank you very much for these solution

  68. amanda

    my husband bought me the Nexus 7 for Christmas. Last night the battery died and i didnt charge it till this morning. With that being said , it wont even turn on now. I have left it on the charger for many hours today and when i do hold down the power button a snowy vague black and white screen comes on. It still under warrent but its making me furious that its already broke and i just got it as a Christmas gift..Im one sad wife

  69. John

    Had problem with Nexus 7 not powering up.
    Bought from HMV a couple of weeks before they went bust so panic immediately set in !
    Pressed power button for 20 secs or so and it came on.
    Thanks for the tip.
    Panic over.

  70. Julia

    My google nexus 7 doesn’t charge but it does turn on. Even when I plug in my charger to different units nothing happens. I really don’t want to buy a new one but I don’t know how I could fix this issue. It is at 35% and if it gets to 0% it’s a goner

  71. pj

    I got a nexus 32gb 3g model last Christmas didn’t have many problems for a few days ,later on it started to act like it had a mind of its own.It types random letters while browsing ,the touch screen freezes up,randomly opens folders and apps.I tried a factory reset but didn’t help,I even tried reinstalling the is.But still the problem persists .If anyone has an idea about how to solve this ,please do help out. Thanks in advance.

  72. wendy

    I just bought the second Nexus 7 since August 2012. The first one worked well, but the screen shattered when she slipped on her crutches and it landed directly on the earphone jack with her earbuds in… I think she had it for less than 2 months. I bought her another one for christmas and it went dead and wouldn’t charge anymore about 2 weeks ago… I tried the trick of holding the power and volume down buttons for 30 seconds, and after several failed attempts, it finally came up with the boot menu.. I worked for around another week and now it’s doing the same thing… except this time, I have been trying for 4 days to get it to produce a boot menu. Both times, she let the thing go completely dead… Any other tricks?? I can’t afford to get her another one. . . I am very upset to see that this is a super common problem. I wish Google would do something about it. It was hard on me to buy for 3 children on my single budget, and my daughter who’s not really “into” techy items and computers has absolutely LOOOOVED this Nexus! Help please???

  73. David

    I have had a problem with charging I have plugged in it at night and in the morning it had only charged 5%
    but sometimes it charged fine it seemed to be doing it more often I contacted ASUS and I RMA’ed it .
    They said Power problems with the Nexus 7 are common

  74. Gareeth

    I wound up with the screen separation issue. If I had come here first I could have prevented it but 48 hours afte the touch screen stopped working a crack developed. Asus’ immediate response has been a crack is not covered. The crack developed while it was sitting here, presumably with the screen under pressure, and I was spending multiple hours a day trying to get a hold of them. I will be letting both the store I know and google how unhappy this has made me and how much it has damaged my feelings about google, asus and that store but I may simply be out of luck because I couldn’t reach someone before it cracked.

  75. Gareeth

    If you are having issues turning it on my sorry advice having lived through this and thinking that it would be okay if only I could get it on is if you also have the signs of the screen being badly mounted (yes they are still shipping them without that quality control) get it replaced before it gets worse. You will just love it more and then one day it will be be a paperweight and they will point at the crack and call it your fault.

  76. Siddharthan K A

    I have a problem with my nexus 7. Whenever I use it, the screen randomly blacks out and the lock screen appears. I unlock it and screen instantly blacks out again and lock screen appears again. This happens 10 times or so before I can access the device. I tried running in safe mode, but to no avail. I have uninstalled all third party apps but still the problem persists. Can you solve this?
    I seem to be the only one with this problem.

  77. natalie

    My n7 died after I video something and it won’t charge, I have held the on button down 30 seconds and longer, I have also tried the on button and the volume + or – and still nothing, I can’t even connect it to a pc. Is there anything I can do to get my pictures and videos off. Some please help me. My email address is, all help is needed and I thank you in advance

  78. natalie
  79. Kerry

    Am so glad I found your site – only had my nexus 7 a week and couldnt get it turned on or charging – the advice above worked first time! so relieved!! Thank you

  80. redznappa

    yep, i have issues after 2 months, total pants tablet. just switched itself off while playing a game(un-rooted) now I cannot get it to work, have tried all the recovery options, factory resets etc, it gets to the choose a language screen then just powers down, I think its a hardware issue. From what I can gather, there seems to be too many issue with the nexus, I hate to say it never seen the level of issue with the iPad. I dont want either now, Im done with tablets sticking with a phone and laptop.

  81. mika

    I’m having a buffering issue, when trying to watch YouTube cooking videos its buffers so long that give up. Contact Asus did the rest, problem continue. I have to send my tablet to Tx. I really love my tablet and hate that have to send it off.

  82. Linda

    Bought one Nexus 7 3G from Argos, touch screen didnt respond at all. They kindly replaced it – i’ve had it 2 weeks now – new one works fine on screen until you play games – eg Words with Friends, PinBall, Bowling -the touch screen doesnt respond hardly at all – the tiles in Words will not move – the flippers work occasionally and the bowling ball only goes after a lot of side to side action but then no skill will be involved, it just goes where it wants. So – if anyone know how to get games to work with the touch screen could they please HELP.
    I really dont want to have to return it again – if I do then I will replace it with another tablet. These do seem to have a lot of problems.
    thanks in advance

  83. John B

    I have a problem with e-mail pictures not showing up even after I touch “show pictures”. All i get is a picture outline and a small question mark in the middle..

    That same e-mail will disply just fine on my Samsung Galaxy S3


  84. Chris

    *Fix for random lock that will not unlock until restated *
    Take your nexus out of its case as this is caused by the magnets in the case.. I have not had this issue since I binned its case.

  85. Mickey

    My Nexus 7 won’t take a charge or open even after holding start for 30 seconds. I bought insurance at OfficeMax do I contact them or Google? Thank anyone who can answer

  86. Mickey

    Guess what, I read to take it out of case & it came to life but shuts itself off! Any ideas?

  87. Dina

    I still have the problem about the Nexus 7 not turning on and it’s been days. It’s not charging, it doesn’t bring up a little man or menu, and right before it stopped working, my battery was at least 65%. I’ve tried EVERYTHING! Nothing is working from what i’ve tried. Holding down the buttons did not work at all. I’ve gone to all different sites and they all say the same thing. So does anybody else have any other ideas?

  88. dez31golf

    My sons Nexus was closed down and unresponsive. I successfully used your tip for restarting it by pressing button for 30 seconds.

  89. steve

    My nexus 7 completely locked me out of my wifi. I tried to reboot and restart & i am still locked out. What to do?

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